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As a kid I would say that my siblings and I were raised though not perfect but in a good way. My parents taught us the value of responsibility very early in our lives. We never experienced luxury as kids. Instead, we are brought up to a of life simplicity and to be contented with what my parents could provide for us. I have a very humble beginning. When we were not in school, we are working in our farm toiling the dirt so we can continue our studies. It was a hard kind of work with all of us sweating from early morning to noon. It was very tiresome and sometimes I wanted to complain. However my education is more important to me. During those times that I wanted to surrender, I would just remind myself that it is not everyday that I would endure this scene. One day, I would graduate, have a good job and I will never be enduring the same hardship again. I would just look back and laugh at all that happened to me.

With God’s guidance, we were able to change the course of our fate. All five of us are now working with only two remaining students to send to school. At least it is not as we used to be, we no longer toil the dirt to send them to school. Sometimes, when I hold a fistful of dirt in my hand, it would bring me back to the old times, but I never feel regret at all. I hold the dirt with a grateful heart. If not for that handful of dirt, I would never be what I am today.

I came up with a realization that what we did as kids was not my parents’ way of punishing us; but teaching us the value of hard work. In order to succeed we must toil for it first. We cannot taste the sweetness of success if we did not work hard for it.