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I woke early as we have a scheduled preliminary examination today at 8:30 a.m. However, my boss called saying that she can’t make it as she is not feeling well. So the preliminary examination was cancelled. I had a wonderful morning. Thanks God it’s Friday. I am excited because tomorrow, I will not be forced to wake up early as I do not have to go to the office. I am going to have two days of rest. Yay!

I am satisfied that I am done with my calendar of cases for next week. My officemates were discussing about the upcoming election and the presidentiables particularly Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar. One said that he would vote Villar as he came from the grassroots and he understands the predicament and needs of the masses as once in his life, he’d been there too. Another said that he would go for Noynoy because he thinks Noynoy has credibility. Aside from being a son of the hero, Benigno Aquino, Jr. and the former President Cory, he came from a close-knit family of devout Catholics that is filled with the values taught by his late mother President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. Knowing her, she was a very religious woman when she was still alive. Noynoy has a moral ascendancy just like his parents. For me, it is one of the vital characteristics a leader should have.

While listening to them, I was also trying to compare the two. Villar is the story of rags to riches. His ads say that he is pro poor, but with his ads being shown frequently on popular channels like promoting a brand of soap, one could say how he will be able to recover all his expenses considering how expensive it is to buy airtime these days. He also invades popular social networking sites. He is a businessman. Do you think a businessman would just throw away his money that easy without expecting a high ROI (Return of Investments)? Of course not! And if he is already in the position, where do you think will he get a reimbursement for all his expenses? It is just an easy arithmetic that even a simple-minded individual can easily get. Do I smell corruption again? Oh no, my people has enough of it already. I always remember C5 project everytime I see Villar. Do I want to make him waste the tax I am paying for his personal use? Definitely not! So I am not going to vote for him. Benigno Aquino III popularly known as Noynoy is one of the senators I admire. Of all of them, only he and Senator Panfilo Lacson are the ones who never use the pork barrel allotted to them. His salary does not go to his pocket too; instead it goes straight to his foundations. Villar is the wealthiest among the senators, why can’t he do the same thing? Noynoy’s political campaign is not founded on the “utang na loob” on some individuals with hidden agenda so you can expect that once he becomes the president, there would be no debts to pay or favor to do for those individuals who helped him in his campaign. His decisions won’t be affected by the pressure of outside forces. That is something good I am looking forward to. I am tired of seeing my country at the bottom struggling to live day by day. I don’t want a system that the elite rules and the common tao suffer and become poorer day by day. We owe it to them to give them back their dignity and give them the chance to live a good life. We need good leaders to lead us to advancement. The Filipino people have suffered enough. We should choose the right person that is fitted to become our leader. Our future rests on our hands. I hope we would vote using our minds and not be influenced by the endless ads we see on our television.