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I caught up with my long time friend on the net this morning. As always, we updated each other about the latest happenings in our lives like we used to do since she left to work outside of the country. She told me about her new project. She said that she is presently engaging in a new venture and is now in the process of setting up a website for that particular business for her products to be exposed on a wider platform. She also told me about her plan of looking for an affordable webhosting service for her website. She only wants a budget host and yet a dependable one as she is just starting. So she asked me if I can recommend sites that offer webhosting services. I am familiar with webhosting services though I have not tried any one of those. I suggested that she could try looking for some sites that do reviews on webhosting so she could check them out and decide what suits the needs of her business. Also by reading the feedbacks of some of their clients she will be given a glimpse of the profile of her potential host. That is the first thing that I do when I want to try new products or services. She agreed to it and said she would try my suggestion. And just a moment ago, she called me up to tell me that she already found a webhost for her new website. I wish her the best of luck for this new endeavor.