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I hope not. After an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck the coast of Chile on Saturday that claimed 147 lives as of this writing, tsunami warnings have been heightened in countries located in Asia, South Pacific and Australia. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii issued a tsunami caution for areas mentioned. And I have been hearing all about it on the news this weekend.

As we can recall in the past, a 13 feet tsunami happened after a 9.5 magnitude earthquake hit Chile in 1960 that claimed many lives in Japan, Philippines and Hawaii. It was the largest earthquake that happened so far.

Australia was put on a tsunami watch especially the states of New South Wales and Queensland, and islands of Norfolk and Lord Howe. West Coast of the US facing the Pacific Ocean was also put on alert and all countries that is within the pacific basin.

Here in the Philippines, a text message is spreading about the impending disaster that would strike the country at 6 a.m. today. I hope people would be responsible enough not to forward this false report and spread fear in the hearts of the people as panicking will not do good to us. Just be alert and listen to the news and to the announcements of proper authorities (PHIVOLCS). Let us just be prepared if anything really happens.