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Everybody rock your body right, Backstreet’s back alright!

Once again, they’re here in the Philippines. I am talking about the Backstreet Boys. I am not kidding they are really here. They were one of the most popular boy bands in the 90’s and one of my favorites alongside Boyzone and later, Westlife. I remember it so well as I was one of their fans who was going gaga everytime I see their music videos on MTV Asia. I was in my teens at that time; fresh from high school and starting my college years. It was so long time ago but it was just like yesterday. When I saw them on the evening news, I still feel the way I felt roughly thirteen or fourteen years ago. I am giddy as a school girl again. Lol If Jason could read this, I am sure he would tease me until I cry. Good thing he is not into blogging. Lucky me. ;)

Backstreet Boys arrive today here in the Philippines to perform at Araneta Coliseum as part of their series of concert dubbed as Backstreet Boys This Is Us Tour 2010.  I can’t believe when I saw Nick, he has matured and lost that boyish look he once had. He used to be so cute but now he's a lot cuter than ever.  I know a lot of woman my age out there share what I felt the same as I do. Nicholas Gene Carter popularly known to Backstreet fans as Nick is my favorite of them all.

Come on guys, rock the Big Dome tomorrow night!