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At around 7p.m. tonight, my sister Elanie gave birth to a healthy baby girl at V. Luna hospital in Quezon City. It was unexpected though as she said that her expected date of delivery would be this March. Maybe, she miscalculated it and here’s the result, giving birth in a much earlier date. That’s my sister; she was never good with calculations hehehe.

I am excited to see this new angel of our family whom my sister and I agreed to name Erin Leila. I want to see the look on Eldridge’s face. Would he be jealous of the new baby? Surely he will, as the attention of everybody will no longer be centered on him but to the new babe. It is always like that, a new baby is always the apple of everybody’s eyes.

I could sense the excitement in my father’s voice while we were talking on the phone a little earlier. He was as giddy as this too when Eldridge was born two years ago. I want to see my new niece too. I want to drag the days so they could come home for a month before going back to Manila again.

To be honest, I am excited but unlike the excitement I felt when Eldridge was born. I was almost crying when I hold him in my arms. Maybe I am like this as I always wanted a baby boy. It is okay still as long as the baby is healthy, her gender would not matter to me anymore.


Yami said...

Congrats sis sa bagong pamangkin. Dito sa QC nakatira sister mo?