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Just recently, my sister’s went to an ob-gyne for a check-up as it has already been nine months since she got married but until now she was not yet pregnant. The doctor recommended that she drink wheat grass tea for cleansing and in order for her to have a healthy reproductive system. She said some of her patient tried it and it helped them with their fertility problem. I do not know if it will really help but my sister has this problem with her uterus. She has this condition wherein the lining of her uterus is thickening and she advised her to undergo a medical procedure wherein the lining of her uterus should be scraped in order to prevent further thickening that would make it more difficult for her to conceive. I did not like the idea of my sister undergoing such procedure. I told her to get a second opinion from another doctor to be sure of her real condition.

I do not know about this wheat grass’ effect on her fertility but it has some good effects on her. She said she is no longer having problems with regards to her urinary tract infection; she can now urinate without difficulty. I have been hearing about this wheat grass good effect on health but I had not really tried it. My sister said that if I want to, I could try it as I have some problems with my kidney too. I know wheat grass is not appealing even to think; much more to the taste buds but this one that she is drinking has honey so it eliminates the nasty taste of wheat grass. Maybe I should try it next week and I will just update about its effect on me later.