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I just came home from work very tired. I sought the comfort of my bed to lay down my tired body and have a nap. Nevertheless, I was not able to fall asleep so I get up watch 2012 on DVD while eating a bowl of curls and a can of soft drinks. I am glad that the court hearing this afternoon just went by smoothly. I was not able to finish preparing the minutes of the session as there are two court orders waiting for me to be encoded. One was a demolition order and the other is admission of formal offer of exhibits. You may find it boring but these things comprise my regular day at work. It is better to do a lot of things than sit idle and not learn anything at all. Everything I do is a learning experience on my part. I am glad everytime my boss hands me some tasks. I see it as a challenge to achieve greater knowledge. It is as if everyday is a new day for new discoveries on some untapped area of education.

My previous job was a real challenge too. I started working without any idea what my job is all about. Good thing there were people who guided me so I will know what to do. Some of them made me laugh and smile and some of them made me cry. However, I did not harbor any hard feelings towards those who hurt me. I thought of it as a challenge to be a better person. I cannot forget them. They helped me find out about my capabilities. I became familiar with my job after a month. From there I learned to do multi-tasking, as my previous job was very demanding. Sometimes, when the situation demands for it, I would be forced to do some tasks that are not under the scope of my responsibilities. I was glad I did not said “no” to all those tasks. When I resigned from that job, I was fully equipped with the knowledge that I am happy to acquire.

Not all things can be learned at school; most of it comes from our experiences. We should never complain how hard the task is; instead, we should look at it as an opportunity to further what we already learned. This thought serves as my inspiration to take the task that I should do for the day.