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While preparing to go to work, my father called me up on the phone this morning. Since I am going home this afternoon (we only have half day of work today) to spend the rest of the Holy Week with my family, he asked me to drop by at the hardware store to pick up the catalog of the newly arrived samples of circular saw blades that he ordered. The store manager informed him about it last night. I am having a problem since I am going home alone; nobody would help me with the other things that my sisters also want me to bring home.

Magazines, pizza, donuts, popcorn and a lot more plus I have to bring my laptop with me and some personal effects. It would be one hell of a journey home when I look like I have never been home for a year.
This is always the scenario everytime I am going home to spend the holidays. My sisters would tell me to buy this and buy that and it is important not to forget anything about their orders or else one would be crying thinking she has been neglected. Whew! This is always my dilemma of being the eldest in the family.

Well, anyway back to my father’s order, he said it is important for me to pick it up as early as 9am as the store will close before I could go out of the office this noon. It’s time for me to go guys. I still have to pick up the catalog my father told me about. Have a nice day ahead!

Yesterday my office mate asked me if I can accompany her to a home improvement store that used to be my previous place of work because she wanted to canvass the prices of doors.  I said yes as it is already two months since I went there for a visit besides, I already missed my old friends there.  The last time I was there, they are quite busy as they were conducting a physical inventory.

The place looks different now from the way it looked while I was still working there.  There was a noticeable improvement with regards to the physical appearance of the store.  What caught my attention was the lone banner stand in the right corner of the mass display.  It is now strategically placed and conspicuous to all customers passing by.  What made me smile was the banner stand that stood near the iced tea counter.  It is the famous place inside the store as the iced tea is served there for free.  But I never get the chance to take advantage of that freebie because I was feeling uncomfortable.  Not because I don’t like it but it is just that I still feel like I am still part of the company and that employees are forbidden to avail of that free iced tea.  My friends there are laughing when I told them about it.

Well, it is good to be there again.  It is just like reliving the past.  I can’t forget my old job with which I was able to meet so many friends that I know I would cherish for a lifetime.
While Jason and I are having conversation earlier, he asked me if I know what Oolong tea is. I have heard about it in the past but I never took it seriously. And then there came Jason who brought up the subject to me. He teased me because I am Asian and yet I don’t have idea about it. I countered it by saying that I am not a tea person. I prefer coffee over tea and I only think of tea as an aid for faster digestion. So when I feel like I am bloated, I resort to tea and nothing more other than that. To redeem my bruised ego, I look it up on the net so that he would not tease me again.

Oolong (Wu Long) tea is one of the traditional teas of the Chinese but is now gaining popularity among western countries. It came from a plant called camellia sinensis. This tea is not among the green and black variety of tea but it is somewhat in the middle of the two mentioned above as oolong is undergoing the process oxidation or fermentation ranging from 10% to 70%.

Oolong tea is characterized by a dark brownish color. It contains antioxidants known as polyphenols that fight free radicals inside the body thereby making it one of the healthiest drinks available nowadays.

The benefits that can be derived from Oolong tea are the following:

* It helps reduce the build-up of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

* It helps burn fat inside the body.

* It helps in preventing heart diseases.

* It helps in treating digestion problems.

*It helps strengthen our immune system.

*It can make bones stronger and healthier; thereby preventing the development of osteoporosis.

*It can help also in preventing tooth decay.

Well, this could be a start. If tomorrow he asked me again, I already know what to say. :)

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Moon river wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style someday
You dream maker, you heartbreaker
Wherever you're going I'm going your way

Two drifters off to see the world
There's such a lot of world to see
We're after the same rainbow's end
Waiting 'round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river and me.

(Moon river, wider than a mile)
(I'm crossin' you in style some day)
Oh dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

Two drifters off to see the world
There's such a lot of world to see
We're after the same rainbow's end
Waiting 'round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river, and me.

I was feeling nostalgic when I heard the DJ played this song earlier.  It made the memories of my childhood flood back like it was only yesterday.  I missed those times.  When my father sang this song, I would fall asleep.  The melody sounds so sweet to my ears.  It has some kind of hynoptic charm that would make my eyelids heavy and then would let me drift to oblivion.  Even when I am grown up now, it has the same effect on me.  I proved it when I heard the DJ played it.  I miss my Tatay.  This is what I call my father.  I miss the time when he used to carry me and lull me to sleep.  I miss the time when he sang songs for me.  I miss the time when he would lay my head on his chest.  And now, that is something I can't bring back anymore.  If only I would be granted three wishes, my first one will be to relive my childhood once again.

 Earlier, I saw a video in Facebook that was really touching.  It is about a man who has no legs and arms and yet still  live a very fruitful life.  How can this possible?  It is just the attitude he has towards life.   After listening to him, I started to appreciate all that I am and all that I have.  I am a person born with complete limbs and yet, I still have the guts to whine about not having this or not having that and worse wishing for something that I wish I have.  This person was so inspiring that I was crying while he talks.  He is really amazing.  Thanks for inspiring me Nick.

As we advance in age, there are parts of our body that we begin to dislike.  Whether we like it or not, our tummy, breasts, legs or arms would eventually sag to our dismay.  This is a common problem that we have to face sooner or later.  If it happens to you right now, cheer up!  It is not yet the end of the world for you.  You can erase and correct the imperfections with the help of a popular procedure.  Needless to say, plastic surgery is the answer to your problem. 

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Here is the complete list of examinees who successfully passed the bar examination given last September 2009.

List of Successful Examinees of 2009 Bar Examinations

1. ABANTE, Maria Evitha A.

2. ABAQUITA, Allan C.

3. ABARQUEZ, Leandro E.

4. ABARQUEZ, Paolo E.

5. ABDULLAH, Anzarullah Zhadradi A.

6. ABELLA, Harve B.

7. ABELLAR, Eleanor Agnes F.

8. ABENOJAR, Irene U.

9. ABIBICO, Mona Liza D.

10. ABIERA, Stephanie E.

11. ABLAÑA, Lindy Andre P.

12. ABOGANDA, Alexander D.

13. ABRASALDO, Wilson C.

14. ABRUGAR, Vanessa Q.

15. ABUEDO, May Flor C.

16. ABUTAN, Leah C.

17. ACAS, Althea Barbara E.

18. ACOSTA-QUIROS, Annemarie

19. ADAOAG, Janice M.

20. ADASA, William Chino T.

21. ADDUG, Fredelyne H.

22. ADEVA, III, Daniel A.

23. AGATON, Jonathan R.

24. AGNES, JR., Jerry P.

25. AGRAVIADOR, Karisma Ivee L.

26. AGUHAYON-ESCOLAR, Ghenee Rose C.

27. AGUIHAP, Beverly D.

28. AGUILA, Mildred R.


30. AGUIRRE, Leandro Angelo Y.

31. AHAJA, Yasmin Ayesha K.

32. ALABAN, Daniel B.


34. ALAGCAN, Angeli A.

35. ALARILLA, Jeffrey John S.

36. ALARILLA, Maria Angela I.

37. ALASKA, Hazel Mae A.

38. ALAZAS, Adrianne Marie C.

39. ALAZAS, Beatriz Irina Denise C.

40. ALBAN, Beethoven M.

41. ALBANO, Wyndel P.

42. ALBERTO, Ruby Ann Theresa L.

43. ALBORES, Melanie F.

44. ALCERA, Aimee Marie B.

45. ALDAY, Arlene D.

46. ALEGARBES, Augustus M.

47. ALEGRE, Adrian B.

48. ALEJANDRO, Eduardo Jerome T.

49. ALEJO, Judith Ann C.

50. ALESNA, Sheena A.

51. ALESON, Melanie F.

52. ALFECHE, Claribelle Jane A.

53. ALIBANG-SALUD, Jocelyn M.

54. ALICUMAN, Abelardo C.

55. ALINDATO, Diane Angela O.

56. ALIVIO, Kenneth O.

57. ALMAJOSE, Maricar C.

58. ALMERO, Leo Rey F.

59. ALMERO, Marie Beth S.

60. ALMOITE, Wilma M.

61. ALO, Jennifer Karen L.

62. ALPASAN, Roumelia B.

63. ALQUIROZ, Jason B.

64. ALQUISADA, Pamela Joy L.

65. ALURA, Maricris O.

66. ALVAREZ, Jeanette S.

67. ALVAREZ, Riza Gloria V.

68. ALVARICO, James Roulyn R.

69. ALZATE, Kimberley Joy T.

70. AMANO, Rachel O.

71. AMARGA, Lizanilla J.

72. AMARILLA, Romela T.

73. AME, Valentino Alvin C.

74. AMORANTO, Sarah Jane SJ.

75. AMORES, Luvim D.

76. ANCIADO, Pilar C.

77. ANCIANO, Frederick I.

78. ANDAL, Maria Bernadeth S.

79. ANDALIS, JR., Roberto C.

80. ANDAMAN, Margaret Raizza A.

81. ANDAMO, John Paul A.

82. ANDOLANA, Christ May V.

83. ANDRES, Paraluman D.

84. ANG, Anna Margarita G.

85. ANGELES, Francisco B.

86. ANGWAY, Cohleen Dianne SJ.

87. ANORE, Marlon DL.

88. ANSELMO, Duchess Veneru J.

89. ANTONIO-LADISLAO, Bianca Cecilia B.

90. APALING, Allen D.

91. APOLINAR, Anna Luisa P.

92. APOLINARIO, Floreida A.

93. APOLONIO, Joseph O.

94. AQUINO, Benedict Benigno A.

95. AQUINO, Mary Joy S.

96. AQUINO, III, Leopoldo D.

97. AQUINO, JR., Rodrigo F.

98. ARANDIA, Erwin F.

99. ARANETA, Henry O.

100. ARAOS, Tessa Mae L.

101. ARBOLADURA, Magelio S.

102. ARCEGA, Garnet Eneli Mae M.

103. ARDIENTE, Rochelle S.

104. ARDINA, Elmarie C.

105. ARENAS, Jose Lemuel S.

106. ARIAS, Alma Alyn O.

107. ARICAYOS, Crisale B.

108. ARIOLA, Reynaldo A.

109. ARLES, Maria Estelita B.

110. ARMECIN, Jhomel M.

111. ARNESTO, Tristan G.

112. AROMAS, Camille Khristine I.

113. ARPON, Renold C.

114. ARTIFICIO, Aileen R.

115. ASADON, Baltazar C.

116. ASTAÑO, Imelda L.

117. ASUNCION, Hirou Glenn A.

118. ATANACIO-FACUN, Mary Ann S.

119. ATIENZA, Shermaine M.

120. ATIENZA, JR., Edgardo P.

121. AUMAN, Evangeline C.

122. AUSTRIA, Mary Evangeline J.

123. AVENGOZA, Ma. Rhoda J.

124. AVILA, Mae Lizbeth I.

125. AVILA, Mark Gregory R.

126. AWKIT-BAN-EG, Alice L.

127. AYONG, Juris Iris M.

128. AYSON, Aldin C.

129. AYUYANG, Helga Anne Treasure L.

130. AZUCENA, Michael David B.

131. AZUR, Marita Lourdes S.

132. AÑOVER, Josephine Ann W.

133. BABALCON, Julius P.

134. BABIA, Jose Marcos A.

135. BACANI, Philip Jorge P.

136. BADDIRI, Jurmobin T.

137. BADILLA, Reynaldo R.

138. BAGASIN, Gladys Sarah R.

139. BAGRO, III, Herminio C.

140. BAGSAO-MANALANG, Liza Lorena C.

141. BAINTO, Naealla Rose M.

142. BALAGOT, Anthony Quin A.

143. BALAIS, Jason P.

144. BALANGKIG, Glynmar C.

145. BALBASTRE, Kristoffer Gil P.

146. BALBASTRE, III, Juanito H.

147. BALDERAMA, Gilberth D.

148. BALDOMAR, Ceezaye A.

149. BALDRIAS-SERRANO, Lorybeth R.

150. BALISACAN, Ryan Hartzell C.

151. BALIÑA, Elsa T.

152. BALLESTEROS, Danilo C.

153. BALSICAS, Noel D.

154. BALTAZAR, Ben Joshua A.

155. BANA, Aldous Januarius S.

156. BANDAY, Christine Joy B.

157. BANDERADO, Theodore P.

158. BANDILLA, Enrico G.

159. BANDONG, Therese Lynn R.

160. BANGUIS, Joseph L.

161. BANQUERIGO, Mark Christoffel L.

162. BAQUIAL, Cheryl L.

163. BAQUIANO, Randolph P.

164. BAQUIRAN, Giovani Gio G.

165. BARBA, Ria Karla A.

166. BARENG, Christian P.

167. BARENG, Jezer G.

168. BARIMBAO, Maria Rainelda L.

169. BARIT-CARIG, Ayn Marie Grace G.

170. BARLIS, Lanie Lee Marie A.

171. BARODI, Norhabib Bin Suod S.

172. BAROLA, Sherwin Gardner A.

173. BARROA, III, Guillermo B.

174. BARRON, E. Patrice Jamaine T.

175. BARTOLOME, Ryan Philipp L.

176. BARZAGA, Kristian G.

177. BASAR, Jamaloden A.

178. BATALA, Ngiyan P.

179. BATAN, Timothy John R.

180. BATHAN, Joseph Patrick Byron M.

181. BATHAN, Marygrace DC.

182. BATINGANA, Nicole R.

183. BATINGANA, Nikko R.

184. BATONAN, Elizabeth O.

185. BAUTISTA, Antonette L.

186. BAUTISTA, Deodar Lovell C.

187. BAUTISTA, Gino Marco P.

188. BAUTISTA, Jennifer L.

189. BAUTISTA, Ma. Carmencita P.

190. BAUTISTA, Roderick L.

191. BAUTISTA-ALDAVE, Maria Minerva T.

192. BAUZON, Edward R.

193. BAYHON, Margret D.

194. BAYOT, Armi Beatriz E.

195. BAÑAL, Gilemi L.

196. BAÑARES, Marcus Aurellius M.

197. BELENO, Efren B.

198. BELGICA, Jeremiah B.

199. BENIPAYO, Lourdes P.

200. BERANGO, Joan Abigail B.

201. BERNARDO, Arly Christine S.

202. BERNARDO, JR., Lester F.

203. BEROL, Ronald S.

204. BERONQUE, Al L.

205. BETITO, James Anthony D.

206. BILGERA, Ma. Corazon B.

207. BILLONES, Cherrie Lou H.

208. BINALDO, Julie M.

209. BINUYA, Mary Dian Grace N.

210. BLANCO, Janess A.

211. BOGACON, Melissa W.

212. BOGNEDON, Jado Rafael A.

213. BOLAÑO, Richie John D.

214. BOLAÑOS, Ma. Julie C.

215. BOLISAY, Bernard James S.

216. BONIFACIO, Gherwin S.

217. BORNAS, Renier Joy Nonito B.

218. BORRES, Mark D.

219. BORROMEO, Carlo C.

220. BORROMEO, Maria Lilia Gemmilyn M.

221. BORROMEO, II, Noel T.

222. BORROMEO-SY, Ruth G.

223. BOSI, Christine Joy D.

224. BOY, Allen Blair B.

225. BRAVO, Hanna Lee E.

226. BRIASA, Gerardo S.

227. BRILLANTE, JR., Bayani B.

228. BRION, Valery Joy A.

229. BRUAL, Johannes Angelo L.

230. BUENAFE, Roy L.

231. BUENVIAJE, Rickson M.

232. BUMAGAT-NACPIL, Journalyn S.

233. BURGOS, Aileen Grace H.

234. BUSLIG, Jenny Vi B.

235. BUTED, Kristine Angeline R.

236. CAABAY, Herminia E.

237. CABADING, III, Mauro Anthony B.

238. CABALONGA, Ella A.

239. CABANSAG, Jasmin S.

240. CABAYAN, Maria Theresa P.

241. CABEZA, April D.

242. CABIGAS, Chato A.

243. CABRAL, Fernan H.

244. CABRERA, Nathaniel G.

245. CABRIDO, Jorge Christian A.

246. CADIO, Joan O.

247. CAFE, Dominador

248. CAGAS, Den Ryan R.

249. CAGUIOA, Arvin M.

250. CAJARA, Marian L.

251. CAJARDO, Monique E.

252. CAJIPO, Karen C.

253. CALABIO, Garri T.

254. CALACAL, Roda K.

255. CALAOA, Elizabeth B.

256. CALDERON, Arnel T.

257. CALEJESAN, Roldan G.

258. CALLEJO, Marc Karlo N.

259. CAMAZO, Lawrence S.

260. CAMBA, John Rainier T.

261. CAMPILAN, Kristine Esther F.

262. CAMPOS, Maria Paz Geraldine J.

263. CAMTUGAN, II, Francis Rae G.

264. CANAPI-OTGALON, Marites A.

265. CANIOS, Charisma Eden N.

266. CANLAS, Jerome D.

267. CANO, Maricel D.

268. CANTO-HERNANDEZ, Rosalyn C.


270. CAPISTRANO, Armand P.

271. CARBO, Ramon Q.

272. CARDENAS, Marites G.

273. CARDENAS-EJERCITO, Aileen Mary S.

274. CARIÑO, Materno Marcos Ma. G.

275. CARO, Danna Wylene R.

276. CARPIO, May Flor C.

277. CARRANZA, Kamille Joyce E.

278. CARRASCO, Angeline Marie T.

279. CARRASCO-AZUCENA, Maria Bernadette R.

280. CARREON, Cresilda B.

281. CARTUJANO, Mariblithe A.

282. CASES, Katharina C.

283. CASIPIT, Jekereen Joy R.

284. CASTELLANO, Janice P.

285. CASTILLO, Chrisgene A.

286. CASTILLO, Dyann O.



289. CASTRO, Easter Princess U.

290. CASTRO, Meliecar R.

291. CATAHAN, Emmanuel D.

292. CATALAN, Kelly Eusebio P.

293. CATAMEO, Marizon C.

294. CATAPAT, Maria Nenita D.

295. CAYLAO, Christian Ferdinand R.

296. CAYOD-ONG, Ma. Angelica M.

297. CAÑARES, Marlon T.

298. CAÑAS, Vicente B.

299. CAÑERO, Marvin P.

300. CAÑETE, Maria Floren S.

301. CAÑETE, Vincent Ryan Y.

302. CEBUJANO, Ceasar Augustos E.

303. CENIZA, Deonhar M.

304. CEPILLO, Kenelyn DG.

305. CERVANTES, Maria Patricia R.

306. CHAM, Edward C.

307. CHAN, Rochelle T.

308. CHARCOS, Katheri Ann L.

309. CHAVEZ, Stephanie R.

310. CHING, Diane Madelyn C.

311. CHING, Wilbert H.

312. CHIONG, Chiole L.

313. CHU, Allan Christopher S.

314. CHUA, Joana Olivia L.

315. CHUA, Jose L.

316. CHUA, Robinita P.

317. CHUA, Sheryl Lyn T.

318. CIPRIANO, Ma. Dominique Christine S.

319. CLAR, Edgar Bonette B.

320. CLAVERIA, Kathleen Karinina R.

321. CLEDERA, Tristan Jiff B.

322. CLORIBEL, Michael P.

323. CLOSA, Felippe Mart E.

324. CO, Jillian Marie B.

325. CO, Maria Theresa C.

326. COLAGO, John Paul G.

327. COLIAMCO, Cherry C.

328. COLLADO, Jo Ellaine L.

329. COMPE, JR., Graciano C.

330. CONCEPCION, Haidee M.

331. CONCEPCION, Mark Nette E.

332. CONCEPCION, Rowena L.

333. CONDAT, Ariel B.

334. CONEJOS, Antonio Esteban G.


336. CONSTANTINO, Arturo Jose M.

337. CONSUL, Jurist Castrence R.

338. CORDERO, Antonette B.

339. CORDERO, JR., Jose I.

340. CORPUZ, Marichelle G.

341. CORRO, Arlyn T.

342. CORSIGA, Joachim Florencio Q.

343. CORTEZ, Elmo R.

344. CORTON, Gabriel P.

345. CREAG, Mary Joyce Roselle P.

346. CREER, Eleanor M.

347. CRISTALES, Inban Q.

348. CRUCIO, Gina A.

349. CRUZ, Mary Grace G.

350. CRUZ, Richard Leonard A.

351. CRUZ, JR., Jessie A.

352. CU, Lourdes Clarissa Donnatilla K.

353. CUANSING, Edward Joseph C.

354. CUARTERO, Floritz G.

355. CUEVAS, Dolly Angeli M.

356. CUEVAS, Faith A.

357. CULIMA, Riza Ann Donalyn B.

358. CUNANAN, Earvene Jared S.

359. CUNANAN, Myron C.

360. CUNTAPAY, Ana Florence S.

361. DACAWI, Joseph-hans B.

362. DACPANO, Jeannette M.

363. DADIS, Joel P.

364. DALANGIN, Aysac V.

365. DALAWAMPU, Louie Mark M.

366. DALIGCON, Mumar T.

367. DAMASCO, Elmer P.

368. DANAO, JR., Camilo N.

369. DANGLI, Florimae L.

370. DAPULA, Katrina C.

371. DARBIN, Billy Joe Ivan D.

372. DARE, Katrina S.

373. DAUS, Christopher B.

374. DAVIDE, JR., Jorge S.

375. DAY, Tzadhi C.

376. DAYANGHIRANG, Rochelle A.

377. DAYAO, Vincent M.

378. DAYO, Jesus Frederick D.

379. DE CASTRO, Maureen B.

380. DE GRACIA, Elinor E.

381. DE GUIA, Eugenie Celie A.

382. DE GUZMAN, Cara Martha R.

383. DE GUZMAN, Jacquelyn L.

384. DE GUZMAN, Jason B.

385. DE GUZMAN-ALINAO, Kristina D.

386. DE JESUS, Allelu N.

387. DE JESUS, Darren M.

388. DE JESUS, Jennyvive L.

389. DE KEYSER, Evee Eunice P.

390. DE LEON, Cindy A.

391. DE LOS REYES, Maricor V.

392. DE VERA, Coney Rose M.

393. DE VERA, IV, Felipe Geoffrey K.

394. DE VILLA, Lezel E.

395. DECANO, Ronald John B.

396. DEGUIÑO, Aileen M.

397. DEKIRE, Samrollah M.

398. DEL ROSARIO, Katrina Elsa D.

399. DEL CASTILLO, Xavier Paolo R.

400. DEL PILAR, Jovill C.

401. DEL PUERTO, Laurence Edgardo A.

402. DEL ROSARIO, Maria Katrina G.

403. DEL ROSARIO, Rafael Celestino D.

404. DELA CALZADA, Jo Feliz Marie M.

405. DELA CRUZ, Lenielyn S.

406. DELA CRUZ, Roderick C.

407. DELA CRUZ, Walter Magnum D.

408. DELA FUENTE, Kim Ceasar P.

409. DELA PEÑA, Eleanor P.

410. DELA PEÑA, Nikki Rose L.

411. DELA ROSA, Arnel A.

412. DELANTAR, Eleanor S.

413. DELAS ALAS, Noel A.

414. DELEGIRO, Janet L.

415. DELES, Karla Grace J.

416. DELEÑA, Ryan B.

417. DELFIN, Diana Jane F.

418. DELFIN, Gerri Ann C.

419. DELOS SANTOS, Benito Jose L.

420. DEMAFELIS, Jo Anne S.

421. DEMANO, Mary Pauline R.

422. DENILLA, Resly Ann M.

423. DEPASUCAT, Hope Marey B.

424. DESINGAÑO, Ritchelle M.

425. DETICIO, Farid Eshwer C.

426. DEVELOS, V, Esperidion Augustus O.

427. DIAZ, Ana Charissa D.

428. DIAZ, Daniel L.

429. DIAZ, Ferdinand Arthur B.

430. DIAZ, Ma. Hiyasmin N.

431. DIAZ, Romano M.

432. DIAZ, JR., Honorio T.

433. DICHAVES, Kenny Roy S.

434. DICKPUS, Charisma Anne O.

435. DIESTRO-DESLATE, Gwendolyn

436. DIETA, Don G.

437. DILLA, Marlon A.

438. DIMARUCUT, Ivy C.

439. DIOKNO, Michael William T.

440. DIWA, Wilhelmina M.

441. DIZON, Betheena C.

442. DIZON, Jeifan-ira C.

443. DIZON, Mark Anthony P.

444. DIZON, Peter Michael G.

445. DOBLADA, Marife C.

446. DOBLE, Francis R.

447. DOFELIZ, Auxillador Avitus D.

448. DOGELIO, Jairus Anthony D.

449. DOLIGON, Daniel C.

450. DOMINGO, Katrina Frances M.

451. DOMOGAN, Janice Marie N.

452. DOOLANI, Sunita G.

453. DOQUILLA, Rubylin G.

454. DRILON, Catherine Marie D.

455. DUEÑAS, Odyssa A.

456. DUJUNCO, Raquel R.

457. DUKA, Annabelle B.

458. DULIG, Amethyst L.

459. DUMALIANG, Jana A.

460. DUMPIT, Donna Diana R.

461. DY, Samantha Paula G.

462. EBARLE, Emanuelle A.

463. ECLAR, Catherine M.

464. EDULAN, Charles Ceasar L.

465. ELBANBUENA, Kahlil Paolo O.

466. ELTANAL, Karen Mae G.


468. ENAGE, Kim Boysie A.

469. ENCANTO, Melissa R.

470. ENCARNACION, Vincent Joseph T.

471. ENCINARES, Marife E.

472. ENERIA, Celeste E.

473. ENRILE, Christy Irene D.

474. ENRIQUEZ, Marizza P.

475. ENRIQUEZ, III, Juan Jose P.

476. ENTREDICHO, Delima S.

477. ESCALA, Lyndon D.

478. ESCALANTE, JR., Felix M.

479. ESCALANTE, JR., Vic T.

480. ESCANDER, Abdel Jalil A.

481. ESCIO, Madonna Gay L.

482. ESCOLANO, JR., Benjamin V.

483. ESCOLAR, Ahmad Clay C.

484. ESCUBIO, Jessica Guia E.

485. ESPALDON, Ruel H.

486. ESPARRAGO, Janice C.

487. ESPEJO, Bernadette B.

488. ESPEJO, Edwin M.

489. ESPEJON, Charisse B.

490. ESPERANTE, Jason C.

491. ESPINAS, Jeshiree D.

492. ESPINO, Franco P.

493. ESPINOSA, Kristine M.

494. ESPUELAS, Haide T.

495. ESTAÑO, Liza Jane B.

496. ESTEBAN, Sheena E.

497. ESTORNINOS, Jamil V.

498. ESTUR, Mark Julius C.

499. EUSTAQUIO, Karldon M.

500. EVANGELISTA, Anna Tricia P.

501. EVANGELISTA, Ma. Rebecca G.

502. EVANGELISTA, Roberto P.

503. FAJARDO, Juan Paolo F.

504. FALCON, Lyndon D.

505. FAMOR, Pacholo S.

506. FARAON, Redeemer B.

507. FAUNI, Peter Joseph L.

508. FELIX, Melchor M.

509. FERNANDEZ, Clint M.

510. FERNANDEZ, Dick F.

511. FERRER, Anthony G.

512. FETILO, Aires R.

513. FILARMEO, Charmaine Joy P.

514. FLORES, Divina M.

515. FLORES, Erickson A.

516. FLORES, Judith T.

517. FONTANILLA, Psyche Rizsavi B.

518. FORNOLLES, Angelo Vegie A.

519. FORTICH, Farrah N.

520. FRANCISCO, Valerie E.

521. FRIAS, Ma. Karla Denise M.

522. FUENTES-DUMLAO, Camille Rose D.

523. FUNTILA, Karla A.

524. GABATO, Vien Lawrence S.

525. GABINETE, John Warren P.

526. GABRILLO, Jenifer M.

527. GABUYA, Ademar A.

528. GAFFUD, Jovilyn M.

529. GALANG, Arman Jason M.

530. GALANG, Marianette A.

531. GALARRITA, Kathryn A.

532. GALIMA, III, Epifanio Delbert G.

533. GALLARDO, Jeffrey G.

534. GALURA, Maria Ofelia B.

535. GALVEZ, Grace A.

536. GAMALO, Castor A.

537. GAMAS, Godwin B.

538. GAMBOA, Jufran A.

539. GAMBOA, Mark Anthony M.

540. GAN, Hansen P.

541. GANAN, Mark Anthony N.

542. GANDAMRA, Khanini B.

543. GANDIONCO, Barbara Anne A.

544. GANZON, Leo Theodore A.

545. GARCE-MEJIA, Racquel F.

546. GARCELLANO, Anita B.

547. GARCIA, Andrea Lou J.

548. GARCIA, Charlie S.

549. GARCIA, Irvin L.

550. GARCIA, Leamor B.

551. GARCIA, Ronaldo M.

552. GARCIA, JR., Alberto C.

553. GARCIA, JR., Jose Melandro H.

554. GARCIANO, Suzette L.

555. GARIANDO, Cesar C.

556. GARRAEZ, Albert C.

557. GARRIDO, Maica C.

558. GATCHALIAN, Oliver R.

559. GATMAITAN, Rowena B.

560. GAUDIEL, IV, Bibiano Marc P.

561. GAVIOLA, Bryan O.

562. GAVIOLA, Maria Christina E.

563. GAVIOLA, Mark Anthony P.

564. GAYAGAY-APALING, Catherine B.

565. GEALAN, Noel Francis L.

566. GELLADO-CARREON, Maricon M.

567. GENCIANOS, Eden Rachel M.

568. GENERAL, Jose Martin O.

569. GENERAL, Maria Francina Louise O.

570. GENERAL, Marianne C.

571. GENOVA, Carmi Rose M.

572. GENOVESA, Katherine A.

573. GENTUGAYA, Norman Vincent O.

574. GEPOLONGCA, Josecor S.

575. GERONIMO, Krystine B.

576. GERONIMO, Maria Ilyn C.

577. GERONIMO, Michelle N.

578. GEROY, Mylen C.

579. GERSAVA, Socrates T.

580. GESMUNDO, Joseph Benedict G.

581. GEÑOSO, Al An E.

582. GIGANTONE, Alexander G.

583. GIGAWIN, Ma. Kristina R.

584. GINGO, Rowena G.

585. GITGANO, Lylani A.

586. GLORIA, Laila May A.

587. GO, Sheila Abigail O.

588. GOCHANGCO, Jose Marie V.

589. GODORNES, Janice A.

590. GOMEZ, Gian Franco R.

591. GOMEZ, Ma. Krizna S.

592. GONZALES, Antonio G.

593. GONZALES, Jesus Nathaniel Martin B.

594. GONZALES, Nichole D.

595. GONZALES, Ricel M.

596. GONZALES, Ulysses L.

597. GONZALES, III, Emilio R.

598. GONZALES-DIEGO, Maria Victoria M.

599. GONZALEZ, Yves-randolph P.

600. GOZE, Gilbert C.

601. GREGORIO, Carlo O.

602. GUALBERTO, Rhett Matthew S.

603. GUANZON, Kathlyn Joy M.

604. GUAZON, Rhea A.

605. GUELOS, Orchid Marie D.

606. GUERRA, Marvin Jasper B.

607. GUIAM, Joseph E.

608. GUIANG, Sandra Therese Christine C.

609. GUINOCOR, Rysan C.

610. GUIRAO, Nerissa G.

611. GUMALING, JR., Robert N.

612. GUTIERREZ, Alvin A.

613. GUTIERREZ, Chiara Feliz C.

614. GUTIERREZ, Melina Rose E.

615. GUTIERREZ, Rowena M.

616. GUZMAN, Carl Stephen A.

617. GUZMAN, Cristina Amelia R.


619. HALILI, Madonna F.

620. HAMOY, Jim A.

621. HERMOSO, Rosa Christina R.

622. HERMOSURA, Glenda V.

623. HERNAEZ, III, Rosendo Emilio R.

624. HERNANDEZ, Juan Carlo B.

625. HERNANDEZ, Katrina P.

626. HERNANDEZ, Mary Catherine T.

627. HERNANDEZ, Michael Gerard S.

628. HERNANDO, Harold Kim C.

629. HERRERA, Pamela Joy T.

630. HILADO, Jessica Kristine F.

631. HILARIO, Alen Fredd L.

632. HIPOL, Aurora Catalina M.

633. HIRANG, Gemelee G.

634. HOLLERO, Valerie Anne H.


636. HUMARANG, Michael John M.

637. IBAOC, Cherry P.

638. IBAÑEZ, III, Manuel Joseph B.

639. IGNACIO, Erik Donn

640. IGNACIO, Vanessa Grace M.

641. ILAGAN, Ma. Criselda D.

642. ILAHAN, Benjan B.

643. ILANO, Helen Grace O.

644. IMPERIAL, Jonas Luis P.

645. INES, Benedict Vincent L.

646. INFANTE, Philippe Lauren M.

647. INGUITO, Lora Mae T.

648. INVENTOR, Angelo T.

649. IPAC, Jay-R C.

650. IRASGA, Matthew N.

651. IRORITA, Jay M.

652. JACOBA, Anthony Raphael V.

653. JAGMIS, Richander G.

654. JALA, Gena B.

655. JALAD, Andrew S.

656. JAMBALOS, Johanna V.

657. JANIYA, Shalom P.

658. JARDELEZA, Maria Carmen L.

659. JARENCIO, Cherylle E.

660. JAVELLANA, Gerardo B.

661. JAVIER, Maureen Seymour D.

662. JAVIER, IV, Eugene C.

663. JAVIER-JIMENEZ, Cristina Marie Eugenie R.

664. JAVINAR, Donato B.

665. JIMENEZ, Arianne Vanessa Josephine T.

666. JIMENEZ, Jasmine M.

667. JIMENEZ, Thea Marie B.

668. JIMENO, Nikki Sarah V.

669. JORDAN, Roma Joy R.

670. JORNADA, Ryan Rene C.

671. JORVINA, Karmela H.

672. JOSON, Joanna Marie O.

673. JOVEN, Suzette C.

674. JUBAN, Rowell G.

675. JULIAN, Cherry Amor A.

676. JUNIO, Irene May I.

677. KABATAY, Rodrigo Jose A.

678. KANAPI, Erwin Bryan S.

679. KAPUNAN, Armina Dielle R.

680. KATALBAS, Jubert P.

681. KO, Kevin L.

682. LABADAN, Leah Theresa L.

683. LABANEN, Argyle Karen M.

684. LABAO, Daisy Jane L.

685. LABITAD, Tarcisio Z.

686. LABRO, JR., Edwin Valente Z.

687. LACANILAO, Redgeanald S.

688. LACUATA, Daniel Christian B.

689. LACUESTA, Andrea Patricia R.

690. LAGMAY, Nikko G.

691. LAGOS, Caroline P.

692. LAGUESMA, Gabriel Russel B.

693. LAGUINDAM, Arvin E.

694. LAINEZ, Marco Gregorio L.

695. LAITA, Rainier F.

696. LAMANILAO, Stephen A.

697. LAMAYAN, Gretchen D.

698. LAMBINO, Marie Claire Therese C.

699. LAMEYRA, Ericson D.

700. LAMINATO, Claryl-anne D.

701. LAPUZ, Anson T.

702. LAPUZ, Jesusa R.

703. LARON, Richard E.

704. LASAM, Ma. Katrina A.

705. LASSITER, Bryan A.

706. LASTIMOSO, Arthur J.

707. LATAWAN, Wade A.

708. LATO, Lesley Norreen G.

709. LAVA, Ma. Glaiza L.

710. LAYSON, Reinier B.

711. LAYUG, Marilet S.

712. LAZA, Rely D.

713. LAZARO, Paul Ernest M.

714. LEE, Everlene O.

715. LEE, Judith Z.

716. LEGASPI, Melvin I.

717. LEQUIGAN-PIOL, Milagros C.

718. LERIOS, Edmar D.

719. LEYNES, Jerome Christopher G.

720. LIANZA, Mellicent C.

721. LIBERATO, Allen A.

722. LIBUTAQUE, Jenny G.

723. LICAROS, Anna Theresa L.

724. LIGUTAN, Amando Virgil D.

725. LIM, Aldean Philip A.

726. LIM, Bernadette C.

727. LIM, Charmian D.

728. LIM, Dianne A.

729. LIM, Elnathan C.

730. LIM, Janette T.

731. LIM, John Paul T.

732. LIM, May Abigail T.

733. LIM, Shelly T.

734. LIMBONHAI, Katrina Anne T.

735. LIMPOT, Marcelina C.

736. LIN, Chin C.

737. LINDONGAN, Arnel A.

738. LIONG, Frederick G.

739. LIPORADA, Isagani S.

740. LIQUETE, John Henry C.

741. LIRA, Jimmy Lyn F.

742. LIZANO, Jennifer M.

743. LIZASO, Marina Elenita S.

744. LLAMEDO, Lecel R.

745. LLASOS, Ma. Paz A.

746. LLAVE, Jose Fernando G.

747. LLEDO, Precious Angela L.

748. LLESOL, Kristine Jolly S.

749. LLOSA, Ruben M.

750. LOBO, Allan C.

751. LOBO, Alvin C.

752. LOGRONIO, Nelson U.

753. LOMBOY, Alex Norman B.

754. LONTOK, Benito M.

755. LOPEZ, Jess Raymund M.

756. LOPEZ, Nastasja Karina J.

757. LOPEZ, Precious Czar A.

758. LOPEZ, Sarah Jane D.

759. LOPEZ, Welson M.

760. LORENZO, Rochelle V.

761. LORENZO, III, Andres D.

762. LOZANO, JR., Ernesto S.

763. LOZARE, Allan C.

764. LUBRIO, Maria Cristina L.

765. LUCERO, Arlene O.

766. LUCILA, Marguerite Therese L.

767. LUGO, Marylois C.

768. LUMAGUE, Ma. Cecille D.

769. LUMAUIG, Timothy Joseph N.

770. LUMAWAG, Joan O.

771. LUNA, Hans Roger S.

772. LUNA, Reymund F.

773. LUNDANG, Lynneth T.


775. LUZUNG, Fred C.

776. MABANSAG, Ulidia B.

777. MABUTE, Neddejohn L.

778. MACABATA, Michael S.

779. MACAGAAN, Sittie Aleah C.

780. MACALABO-ABDUL, T'hasmin P.

781. MACALINTAL, Ma. Jinel G.

782. MACAM, JR., Cezar A.


784. MACAPAYAG, Neliza N.

785. MACAPILI, Judelyn T.

786. MACASAET, Bhong Paulo A.

787. MACASAET, Julius Caesar Junior I.

788. MACLANG, Cisco Franz S.

789. MADARCOS, Rachelle G.

790. MADERAZO, Gail Stephanie C.

791. MADRID, Dianne Ricci DC.

792. MAGALLOSA, Jan Rey E.

793. MAGAT, Edward S.

794. MAGCAMIT, Eric Jay A.

795. MAGLANQUE, JR., Abelardo P.

796. MAGLASANG, Chevrolie E.

797. MAGLUNOG, Tiffany Kim R.

798. MAGMANLAC, Joysha D.

799. MAGSANO, Rexie May E.

800. MAGUGAT, Jenny Vi H.

801. MAGUIGAD, Vanessa Q.

802. MAILOM, Mariel A.

803. MAIQUEZ, Kristine Anne L.

804. MALABANAN, Melvin C.

805. MALALUAN, Joseph S.

806. MALANG, Kristine Margret M.

807. MALAPITAN, Elmar H.

808. MALINAO, Rose A.

809. MALLETE, Elbert R.

810. MALLILLIN, Bryan Joseph L.

811. MALLILLIN, Maria Rea A.

812. MALVEDA, Patrick John V.

813. MANAHAN, Elson B.

814. MANAHAN, Geline Joy C.

815. MANALANG, Jerry L.

816. MANALO, Eric N.

817. MANANES, Edward Martin M.

818. MANCOL, Creschic C.

819. MANDAP, Charity P.

820. MANGAMPO, Mark Philip C.

821. MANGUERA, Aris S.

822. MANGUERA, Erwin C.

823. MANINGAS, Peter Kate C.

824. MANLANGIT, Constantino U.

825. MANLAPAZ, Benedicto G.

826. MANLAPAZ, Raian Joy G.

827. MANTICAJON, Ian Vincent C.

828. MANZANO, Catherina N.

829. MAPULA, Paolo Marco R.

830. MAQUIRAYA, Mark Albert Gregory B.

831. MARAJAS, Camille Suzanne R.

832. MARALIT, Maricon Z.

833. MARASIGAN, Michael Jobert M.

834. MARASIGAN, Nicholas S.

835. MARAÑON, III, Emilio L.

836. MARIANO, Charlen Masha A.

837. MARIANO, Karmina A.

838. MARISTAZA, Ryan F.

839. MARISTAZA, JR., Romulo T.


841. MARQUEZ, Carlo B.

842. MARQUEZ, Jemil Christian B.

843. MARTIN, Marilou C.

844. MARTINEZ, Joseph L.

845. MARTINEZ, Ken Emery B.

846. MARTIZANO, Giuseppe G.

847. MARZAN, Kareen Silver P.

848. MAS, JR., Emmanuel N.

849. MATIAS, Michael Drake P.

850. MATIB, Erwin G.

851. MATOZA, Jason T.

852. MATULOY, Rhandell Alvin B.

853. MAUHAY, Gisela Cecilia A.

854. MAUNTING, Aisa (Bruneiry) G.

855. MAZO, Rosalie T.

856. MEDEL, Edward B.

857. MEDEZ, Rosanne Chriselle S.

858. MEDRANO, Ryan P.

859. MEER, Francis James E.

860. MELCHOR, Jennifer M.

861. MENCHAVEZ, Estrella G.

862. MENCHAVEZ, Llewelyn P.

863. MENDIGUARIN, Donna D.

864. MENDIOLA, Dana Paula B.

865. MENDOZA, Bernadette C.

866. MENDOZA, Felix Glenn C.

867. MENDOZA, Josephine Marie B.

868. MENDOZA, Julie Aylene DV.

869. MENDOZA, Marco T.

870. MENDOZA, Rizaldy L.


872. MERACAP, Charlemaigne L.

873. MERCADO, Aissa C.

874. MERCADO, Ronald Crisanto P.

875. MERIN, Iris Victoria U.

876. MESA, Reina L.

877. MESINA, Bridget Rose M.

878. MESINA, Rita Marie L.

879. MIGRIÑO, Joseph R.

880. MIGUEL, Filamer D.

881. MIJARES, Cecil Joy T.

882. MIMBALAWAG, Ibrahim M.

883. MINA, Marita Anna C.

884. MIRANDA, Francis E.

885. MIRANDA, Hazel May P.

886. MIRANDA, Maricel C.

887. MIRASOL, Rommel Jan T.

888. MOCNANGAN, Tom P.

889. MODESTO, Katherine Joy R.

890. MOHAMETANO, Gift S.

891. MOLDEZ, Maria Cecilia A.

892. MOLINA, Chenellyn S.

893. MOLINA, Mat J.

894. MOLINA, Rosana M.

895. MOLO, Junalit G.

896. MONCERA, Ana Marie N.

897. MONDEZ, Thomas Elliot A.

898. MONFERO, Deane Ruth S.

899. MONJE, Johannes S.

900. MONSOD, Eunice Zuleika N.

901. MONTEALTO, Beverly V.

902. MONTECILLO, Conchita D.

903. MONTEFALCON, Donna April G.

904. MONTEMAYOR, Patrick G.

905. MONTENEGRO, Nabi Karl Bayani O.

906. MONTERO, Froilan A.

907. MONTERO, II, Jose Voltaire B.

908. MONTESA, Cyrus Richard A.

909. MONTEZA, Evangeline C.

910. MONTIBON, Gemmini N.

911. MONTILLA, Aris R.

912. MORAL, Leah Marie A.

913. MORALDE, Ginalyn O.

914. MORALES, Maria Liberty D.

915. MORALES, Maria Teresa G.

916. MORALES, Rhea Joy M.


918. MOREÑO, J. Ricardo H.

919. MOSCARE, Daisy Lily O.

920. MOSQUERA, Joanne Lenny M.

921. MUAÑA, Cara S.

922. MUTIA, Rowena F.

923. MUÑIZ, Sheila DM.

924. MUÑOZ, Jo Ann Marie A.

925. NADUMA, Mat Kieven T.

926. NAMUAG, Maria Roana O.

927. NARIDO, Eleuterio C.

928. NATIVIDAD, Cynthia C.

929. NATIVIDAD, Peter Paul T.

930. NAVAL, Bodie Edward D.

931. NAVAL, Vanessa O.

932. NAVALLO, Michael Jobert I.

933. NAVARRO, Analissa V.

934. NAVARRO, F.J. Edmund Jensen S.

935. NAVARRO, Herbert C.

936. NAVERA, Angeline Z.

937. NEDIC, Riya Adelaida C.

938. NER, Alexander D.

939. NICANOR, Morgan R.

940. NICOLAS, Jeneline N.

941. NICOLAS, Jona Liza F.

942. NIERE, Sheila Simonet G.

943. NIERVA, Carmela B.

944. NOCOS, Gent Paul A.

945. NOLASCO, May Rachel S.

946. NUEVE, Thea Gicela C.

947. NUGUIT, Mark Anthony M.

948. NUÑEZ, Rene John V.

949. OANDASAN, Nelia O.

950. OASAY, Jenny F.

951. OBILES, Jayson

952. OBLIGACION, Romelyn A.

953. OBON, Maureen Rose T.

954. OBSUM, Shaun Hassen C.

955. OCAMPO, Analita E.

956. OCAMPO, Angelique Michelle Irene L.

957. OCAMPO, Kenneth Z.

958. OCAMPO, Lovereal Joy M.

959. OCAMPO, Ma. Sarah Kay N.

960. ODERO, Rhoda N.

961. OFENDA, Giovanni C.

962. OGOY-BERNARDO, Sherryl B.

963. OJEDA, Susana Grace L.

964. OLAN, Rodolfo M.

965. OLANO, Alisa Trena R.

966. OLERIANA, Caress L.

967. OLITOQUIT, Leila C.

968. ONA, Maricar L.

969. ONCOG-ALBANO, Rosa Theresa A.

970. ONG, Edward T.

971. ONG, Vic Ruskin M.

972. ONTALAN, Frances Mae Cherrie K.

973. OQUINDO-GONZAGA, Maria Karina B.

974. ORDONEZ, Lady May F.

975. ORILLA, Donna Marie G.

976. OROLA-ABAYGAR, Elnora J.

977. ORPIADA, Mary Jane N.

978. ORTEGA, Sarah T.

979. PAALA, Eumaida C.

980. PABALAN, Mary Grace A.

981. PABELLANO, Joycee M.

982. PABLEO, Ann Marie Teresa B.

983. PACHECO, Peter John Raymund B.

984. PACLEB, Kathleen Carisa C.

985. PADILLA, Agnes L.

986. PADILLA, Dexter V.

987. PADILLA, Patrick A.

988. PADILLA, Rafael Angelo M.

989. PADILLA, II, Victor Luis Q.

990. PADKIW, Appasan K.

991. PADULLO, JR., Macario C.

992. PAGAYANAN, Claire Eufracia P.

993. PAGUE, Kristine Jane B.

994. PAGUNSAN, Pampross J.

995. PALACAO-CONDAT, Cheryl M.

996. PALAD, Dennis M.

997. PALIC, Anabelle S.

998. PALLARCA, Cecilia S.

999. PALOMA, Eileen C.

1000. PAMINTUAN, III, Alberto D.

1001. PANDOY, May R.

1002. PANES, Shirley S.

1003. PANGANIBAN, Jasmin P.

1004. PAPA, Ma. Leonila P.

1005. PARAS, Joyce D.

1006. PARCIA, Mark Anthony M.

1007. PARDUCHO, Nestle Lyn M.

1008. PAREDES, Annabel M.

1009. PAREDES, Mark Allen M.

1010. PARGAS, May Chrysaliz E.

1011. PARROCHA, Rodan G.

1012. PASAGUI, Ryan Rey L.

1013. PASAMONTE, Jan Philip O.

1014. PASANA-TURGANO, Princesita C.

1015. PASCO, Lyle Filomeo C.

1016. PASCO, Maria Rosario B.

1017. PASCUA, Elmer G.

1018. PASCUA, Sherwin P.

1019. PASCUAL, Kalvin Henson C.

1020. PASCUAL, Rafael Allan P.

1021. PASCUAL, Rosemary T.

1022. PASTOR, Mark Steven C.

1023. PASTOR-CORPUZ, Gizelle R.

1024. PASTORFIDE, Grace C.


1026. PATANGAN, Al-may Sair F.

1027. PATDU, Ivy D.

1028. PATRIARCA, Judith P.

1029. PAUDAC, Hasminah D.


1031. PAZ, Ma. Patricia B.

1032. PE LIM, Alfred John C.

1033. PEDROSA, Arnel M.

1034. PELAEZ, Joseph Paul B.

1035. PELAYO-ALUTAYA, Marlou

1036. PELEA, Emmanuel E.

1037. PENADOS, Faith C.

1038. PENSOY, Randolf C.

1039. PEPITO, Charisse Faith T.

1040. PEPITO, Isar O.

1041. PERALTA, Xandrix J.

1042. PERANDOS, Mitos Shiela J.

1043. PERDIGUERRA-MUÑOZ, Divina Lea A.

1044. PEROLA, Melissa Grace T.

1045. PETEROS, Rosarie A.

1046. PEYRA, JR., Monico L.

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1071. PUNSALAN, Enjl D.

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1075. PUZON, Jocelyn V.

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1079. QUILAQUIGA, Sharina C.

1080. QUIMPO, Nancy Aurora D.

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1087. QUIRANTE, Aileen L.

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1089. RABANAL, Diana F.

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1100. RAPATAN, Neil Jerome A.

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1103. REANTASO, Maria Celeste A.

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1111. RELAMPAGOS, Janris Jay G.

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1123. REYES, Mariflor V.

1124. REYES, Mark Anthony P.

1125. REYES, Mary Kristine C.

1126. REYES, Mary Ann H.

1127. REYES, Remus Romano A.

1128. REYES, JR., Arsenio C.

1129. REYNOSO, Jay Paolo A.

1130. RICABLANCA-PARGAS, Sonia Philipa M.

1131. RIMANDO, Rhiza Lee D.

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1133. RIVAS, Amy S.

1134. RIVERA, Lordaliza R.

1135. RIZON, Maria Theresa V.

1136. ROBINO, Leif John L.

1137. ROBLES, Margarita Angela B.

1138. ROBREDILLO, Jose Ruther P.

1139. ROCAMORA, Timothy John G.

1140. RODAS, Carlo D.

1141. RODENAS, Jason G.

1142. RODRIGUEZ, Jay Y.

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1147. ROMERO, Ginalin Joy C.

1148. ROMERO, Maria Paula G.

1149. ROMERO, Ryan V.

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1151. RONULO, Jonathan B.

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1153. ROSACIA, Diane Christie A.

1154. ROSALES, Rose Anne P.

1155. ROSOS, Mya Analene D.

1156. ROXAS, JR., Almario H.

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1158. RUBIO, Ophelia Pilar E.

1159. RUEDAS, Ronald P.

1160. RUFO, Ivy G.

1161. RUFON, III, Jose Athanasius S.

1162. RUIZ, Kathleen Joy M.

1163. RUSELL, Rosemarie A.

1164. SABADO, Kathryn S.

1165. SABINO, Sheila May S.

1166. SAC, Abbiegail D.

1167. SACAY-HWANG, Emmeline A.

1168. SACLOLO, Sharon N.

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1400. VILLACASTIN, Dandel Rose P.

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1444. ZABALA, Reuben U.

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1451. ZULUETA, Amber June M.

Tomorrow from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Filipinos will be turning their lights off as a way of participating in the Earth Hour 2010. Being a Filipino and a lover of nature, I would like to find some worthwhile things to do in order to participate in this event. I know turning lights off for an hour is something but I know there are still a lot we could do for planet Earth. I browse the website of World Wide Fund (WWF) Philippines and look for some ideas. Here are the tips they suggested on how to spend the Earth Hour tomorrow night.

1.   Document Your Earth Hour Celebrations

If you’re planning to join one of the Earth Hour celebrations around town, whip out those DSLRs and point-&-shoots! It’s time to snap up photos and videos of your Earth Hour celebrations in your locality! You may even win DVD players, cellphones and other prizes. For more information, simply log on to:

2.   Host an Outdoor Evening Party

If you plan to stay in your neighborhood, get the barkada together for an Earth Hour eco-party. Set-up the front yard or go to the village park. Fire up the flashlights or headlamps, dine on organic food and have your resident musikero provide the acoustics. Talk to your friends about how you’re each reducing your environmental footprint and share ideas and solutions for saving more energy, cash and carbon dioxide.

3.   Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors

Earth Hour is a perfect time to talk to your kids about the Philippine environment and why we need to protect our planet from the dangers of climate change. Remember the good old days of Patintero, Taguan and Luksong Baka? Ever explored that old creek a block away? How about an afternoon spent birdwatching? Encourage your kids to unplug all electronics and rediscover the joys of outdoor play.

4.   Do a Recyclables Hunt

Get your flashlights and scour your cabinets and shelves for cans, bottles and boxes that you don't normally recycle. Make a list of all the non-recyclable containers you’re using now (like plastic shopping bags) and figure out ways to reduce your consumption of items that end up in our local landfills. A fun tip: get reusable grocery bags ... and reuse them!

5.   Green That Workspace!

Working the graveyard shift at a local call center? Even if you can’t turn off all the office lights, look around and see what you can unplug, turn down or use less of (like consuming less paper by printing double-sided). Every day millions of computer screens and speakers are left on overnight - shut ‘em off! And talk to your fellow employees about what they can do to help make a difference too.

6.   Involve Your Local Leaders

If your village or barangay isn't already hosting an Earth Hour event, ask your local government to set up a community "green" discussion in a public building from 8:30 to 9:30PM on 27 March. Help organize attendance by reaching out to local environmental and community groups, and come prepared to ask your leaders what they’re doing to make your area greener.

7.   Clean Up Your Street

Grab a flashlight and walk down your house street, picking up trash and recyclables as you go. It's a great chance to do some stargazing too! What’s more, a walk under the stars brims with romantic potential.

8.  Unplug and Just Chill Out

Most of our daily activities like watching TV and texting require loads of electricity, but do we really need to do so much stuff all the time? Stay home, minimize carbon emissions from your car and just have an hour of steady time. Turn off the screens, shut off the beloved cellphone and just take some "you" time to reflect, read or talk to your family. After all, why should you do more when you can do less?

9.  Give Yourself an Energy Makeover

Use Earth Hour as a reason to make your home more energy efficient: Replace those cruddy old incandescent bulbs with newer and more efficient CFL bulbs. Install power strips to turn computers and electronics on and off more easily, since appliances on standby mode are still at about 30% consumption.

10.   Make a Pledge for the Planet

Earth Hour shouldn't end at 9:31PM — it's a chance to take a first step toward lowering your overall impact on the environment. So use part of that hour to make a personal pledge to do more — recycle, take public transportation, remember to turn off or unplug electronics, and beyond. The only way we're going to stabilize our climate is if we make real changes in our everyday lives. You’ll hit two birds with one stone by saving on both cash and carbon emissions.

Remember to turn off your lights from 8:30PM to 9:30PM on 27 March 2010

See? Even with lights out we could still make this one hour of no light an enjoyable event. I am going to do some the suggestions they give. I hope you too guys. Let us make a difference for our planet. Every little thing we do count.

Last year, I playfully put this question in my blogcatalog discussions.  Just recently, I opened it again and read interesting answers.  I am sharing some of them which I find interesting and some funny.  Here goes....

"Being Married is one of the best - or one of the worst - things in the world for each individual.
It can at times be the very best thing.
And at times be the very worst thing.
It has moments that leave you seething because this person cannot possibly understand EVERYTHING about you - and you cannot understand EVERYTHING about them.
There will ALWAYS be something that drives you insane about a person you live with for any length of time.
However - as it is a FAMILY - just like your brothers/sisters/aunts/uncles/cousins/parents can drive you nuts - there is also something so VERY important about being with someone that you can TRUST to be there - no matter what.
Through thick and thin... through better or worse...
And someone to wake up to that remains there no matter how much you snore.
No matter all of your bad points.
Marriage is wonderful.
It has the potential to be heaven and hell all at the same time. "wagerwitch

"M not married yet but hv seen ma dad and mom...they r rlly happy with each other...nd being with each other and facing the difficulties and problems, good and bad time by holding each others hands for a long time now...thats the best thing of their life... " - alivasim

"i m not married...but i think marriage keeps a strong bond between a couple.. "- dekash

"The good things about being married? Like I wrote, living with someone that you love, whose company you enjoy (whether in or out of the bedroom), and with whom you can share responsibilities and decision-making offers a great deal of security and adds a lot of warmth to your life. The down side is the same as any roommate--your space is never your own." - legbamel

"Having someone catch you when you fall....and always knowing that they will; and being able to return the favor when needed." - victoriahart

"It's nice to know there's at least one person in the world who doesn't appreciate me." - nothingprofound

 "Being married means you can be independent, busy and productive all day, but the law REQUIRES a warm body to be in your bed every night. I have been married almost 40 years and still get very disappointed when my husband is occasionally away. He should be here, every night, in my bed."
- Hels

"I wouldn't know, but I know I like having someone to kill spiders for me. So that'd be a good reason. 24hr bug killer " - sensi

"I've been married for 21+ years. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. He is my soul mate, always there for me, despite the hardships we've had, without him I don't know if I would have got through some of them. He brightens my day, and makes me laugh. He makes me see when I am ridiculous and silly and wrong. He is kind and thoughtful and caring. I can't say how much he means to me and how much he improves my life every day." - blogcatpb

"Two heads are better than one , you will always have a warm bed and .... try it if ur are thinking" - shade2009

"If I have an itch right in the centre of my back, I can try scratching my back on the edge of a wooden door frame. Or I can use a long handled scrubbing brush in the bath. But there is nothing like a loving husband to rub my back at 1 AM." - Hels

I was really having a good time reading all the stuff these people have shared.  I hope you also do.