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Gardening is one of my favorite pastimes. I used to have a vegetable garden at home where I plant radish, eggplant, tomato, bitter gourd, horse radish, string beans, pechay and other vegetables. I also have pineapples on all sides. Since I started working away from home, I was not able to take care of it anymore. My garden was left neglected; all that remain now are overgrown weeds. The only proof that it was a garden was the horse radish that was left there. I felt sad the last time I saw it. My garden used to inspire me. When I am sad, I would just go there and let the time pass. It has a de-stressing effect on me. I love to see plants especially when they’re growing very healthy under my care. Unfortunately, I am not lucky in growing flowering plants; only my sister has this fortune.

If my memory serves me right, there are only two flowers that flourish under my care; Bougainvillea and Dancing Lady. The latter is my favorite of the two. It started when I was fifteen years old. My classmate gave me Dancing Lady as a present. I took care of it. From three pots, they grew until I had to maintain 35 pots. Some of them I put on tree branches as this is the natural habitat of orchids. But since I am not home most of the time, like my vegetable garden, they too were neglected.

My dancing ladies have significance for me. They hold a sentimental value as they were given to me by my classmate. I do not want to forget all about the memories we shared in high school as we were not only classmates but best friends at that, it’s just that time separated us from each other. I want to hold on that friendship even just through those little and delicate yellow flowers of the dancing lady. Having this thought in mind, I decided to revive the beauty of my dancing ladies. I want to feel again the happiness they used to give me everytime they bear flowers. When I went out of the office today, I bought plastic pots to which I would transfer my dancing ladies. I will bring them here in Cotabato City so I could take care of them until they regain their full health and give me flowers again.


yami said...

Hi sis. Mabuti ka pa may green thumb. I have plants here at home pero naneneglect ko na because of my blogging activity. dati my plants used to be green, ngayon golden na sila because of the dried leaves. sayang nga eh.