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I just came in after an hour of staying at the terrace. As usual, we had an hour of brownout only this time the schedule is different. It is an hour later before. We used to have it between 8pm to 9pm but now, it is from 9pm to 10 pm. I cannot sleep when there is no electricity as it is very hot inside our room. Summer time has arrived hotter than ever. I can’t do anything but endure it. It is part of life. Instead of succumbing to my bad mood, I stayed outside in the terrace to have fresh air and freshen myself. I hate the feel of sticky sweat. It sucks! I let the time pass by having a glass of milk and some chocolate chip cookies, one of my favorite treats. I do not have an idea when this rotating brownout will ever end. As you see, we have an electricity crisis here in Mindanao. I do not know what the government is doing to address this problem. Maybe we have to endure it until the summer months end. When the rainy season starts in June, maybe our electrical power source would be back to its normal level and could generate enough power for our consumption. We use hydro power source. We have a geothermal plant here too but I don’t know why it was not being use to its full potential.