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I have a friend whose daughter and son are very fond of animals. As a matter of fact, they have two dogs, a beagle and a cocker spaniel; one for each of them. Not contented with these adorable pets, they also have a cat called Twiggy. I cannot really make sense about the name, the way I look at it, she looks like Garfield and there is nothing thin about her. I do not know what her kids were thinking but I find it very funny.

The other week they each got two turtles. My friend thought their fascination will end there, however the other day, her girl asked for a new pet and for all the animals she could think of; the hermit crab caught her fancy. My friend said no as she knew very well that her husband would object to this new pet; but her daughter is adamant about it and would not take no for an answer. She just saw it on tv and now she wants to have one. She said that it is so cute. Kids are really strange sometimes. Another subject for my friend’s objection is that she has no knowledge about taking care of Hermit Crab Pet. Knowing her, I know she would relent to her daughter’s wish later especially now that her daughter has already prepared a name for her would be pet and it is Matilda.