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While preparing to go to work, my father called me up on the phone this morning. Since I am going home this afternoon (we only have half day of work today) to spend the rest of the Holy Week with my family, he asked me to drop by at the hardware store to pick up the catalog of the newly arrived samples of circular saw blades that he ordered. The store manager informed him about it last night. I am having a problem since I am going home alone; nobody would help me with the other things that my sisters also want me to bring home.

Magazines, pizza, donuts, popcorn and a lot more plus I have to bring my laptop with me and some personal effects. It would be one hell of a journey home when I look like I have never been home for a year.
This is always the scenario everytime I am going home to spend the holidays. My sisters would tell me to buy this and buy that and it is important not to forget anything about their orders or else one would be crying thinking she has been neglected. Whew! This is always my dilemma of being the eldest in the family.

Well, anyway back to my father’s order, he said it is important for me to pick it up as early as 9am as the store will close before I could go out of the office this noon. It’s time for me to go guys. I still have to pick up the catalog my father told me about. Have a nice day ahead!