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Three weeks ago, my boss instructed me to look for the mechanics of the Judicial Excellence Award as we are planning to nominate our presiding judge.  Judicial Excellence Award is an award given by the Supreme Court of the Philippines through the Society for Judicial Excellence to Regional Trial Court Judges, Metropolitan Trial Court/Municipal Trial Court in Cities/Municipal Trial Court Judges and Shari'a Circuit Trial Court Judges, Clerks of Court (First- and Second-Level Courts) and Branch Clerks of Court (First- and Second-Level Courts) for their exemplary performance on their jobs.    But it was only yesterday that I was able to find it in The Mindanao Current blog.  I tried to visit the official website of the Supreme Court to find out more about it.  Unfortunately, I only got the same information from The Mindanao Current.  I texted the number they provide in the report for more information as to the mechanics and where I can get the application form for the nominees of the said award.  Minutes later ,a member of the secretariat called me and said that the fliers and application forms are to be mailed via JRS within this week and further added that if I want, she can send me the mechanics and the application form thru.  I was really ecstatic because we can prepare all the requirements earlier. 

When I got home from work yesterday, I gingerly opened and browsed my e-mails expecting for an e-mail from the secretariat of the SJE.  Sadly, I found nothing.  I still have high hopes that they would send me an e-mail.  So I texted them again and at the same time made a follow-up e-mail regarding my request.  When I woke up early morning today, it was the first thing that I look for before I washed my face; again nothing.  I am already getting discouraged.  I do not know where to turn to expedite my request.  I hope they could read this one and get back to me as soon as possible.  We here at the lower court would like to let the whole world know that even in the midst of controversies that the judiciary is facing, there are still outstanding people who are dedicated to their jobs.