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Two days ago I was ranting about how disappointed I was with not getting a reply from SJE secretariat about the application form for Judicial Excellence Award as we are planning to nominate our boss.  Just when my hopes are starting to die, I got something unexpected.   Finally, I got my most awaited e-mail for the week.  When I got home from work, I immediately opened my e-mail and saw in my inbox a reply from the SJE secretariat.  The message says,: 

"Madam pasensya na po at late na me nakareply sa yo. tinapos lng po us namin yong mailing namin for visayas and mindanao. here na po yong mga forms please hep us also to distribute some of it to others who are interested also.

thanks very much po!"
I replied them that I will help them spread the information.  I was so happy that they did reply at last.  It does not matter anymore if it is delayed.  At least they get back to me in time.  I would tweet about it and post it in my Facebook account as a way of returning the favor they did for me.
Those who are also planning to nominate their respective judges and clerks of court, I have here some forms needed.  I can e-mail them to you asap.  Just don't forget to buzz me. 
I hope we would get lucky with our first try.  Wish my boss good luck.  We need your prayers.