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It has been a while before I update my blog.  It is just that I have problem with my internet connection.  The previous internet service I availed was so slow that it would take me fifteen minutes just to open my e-mail.  It was so frustrating.  It is good thing that I decided to switch to Smartbro.  So far, I am satisfied with its overall performance.  I can browse many websites at a time without sacrificing the speed.

With my previous provider, I cannot visit my friends’ blogs frequently as it would take a long time before their websites would display on my screen.  I hate it.  Mo Twister’s commercial ad about it is really true.  I proved it myself.  I can easily view Youtube and watch my favorite Talibong1’s videos about the adventures of Benjo and Tonton.  I know only the Ilonggos and those who can understand this dialect can appreciate them.  Those videos were Youtube hits wayback in 2007.

For now I am enjoying my Smartbro to the fullest.  I guess I would return to Farm Town again.  I miss my Facebook already.  I have ignored my Mafia Wars already.  I think I would play it again but not with the passion I used to have before.  I hope Smart would read this one as I am promoting their product here for free ;) hehehe….  I am only doing this out of gratitude and satisfaction for the service they provide.


Smart said...

Hi. We greatly appreciate your positive comments on the Smart Bro service. We are glad that you have been enjoying your broadband experience as well. Please know that we're here to assist you should you have concerns on Smart services. You may reach us thru:

Twitter: @SmartCares
Facebook: Smart Communications, Inc. (Fan Page)

Thank you. :)