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Just recently, I decided to update the songs stored on my computer. The last time I remembered I downloaded songs was when David Cook won the American Idol Season 7. And it seems centuries ago. I think it is high time for me to download new songs again. I am getting tired of listening to the same songs everyday except for my all time favorite Beatles and Carpenters. I am also looking for Bill Withers’ Ain’t Got No Sunshine. I do not know what is so special about this song that Jason likes it. I think it is worth listening to even if it is a thing of the past. There must be some good reason for him to recommend this song to me. So, I have tasked myself to do some MP3 Search this weekend so that I could find it. I found it an enjoyable thing to do since I could download any songs I want to my heart’s content. It is like hitting three birds with one stone. With three birds I mean, I would be spending a good weekend downloading my favorite songs, I could update my playlist and I could find the song that my friend recommended. So that by the time my friend and I would talk again, I could tell him what I think about the song he recommended.