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It’s TGIF again! I wake up early as we have a PE today. PE stands for preliminary examination. Sometimes, when I say PE, people who are not familiar with it would think that we are having a sporty Friday as PE is much known as Physical Education but it’s not. It is a stage in a case where the complainant in a case is being invited to appear before the Court and be subjected to searching questions. This is to determine whether there is a probable cause for the court to issue a warrant of arrest for the apprehension of the accused.

For today, the notable case we have is slander by deed. I do not know but I was laughing when I first read the information. The accused poured urine on the head of the complainant. This is my first time to hear about it but I cannot elaborate on it now. This case sounds funny to me and I cannot help laughing everytime I remember it. I cannot promise that I can control my laughter when I face the complainant. I hope not as I know it is not funny for the complainant but very humiliating and not to mention ewwwww…..

Well my friends, that’s all for now. Have a great morning everyone.


Calay said...

hi len, i think i heard this case. Anne told me about it before it was filed and asked me what case to file. i thought for awhile and not sure what to answer since i havent read my book for a decade now and its also my first time to hear about pouring urine.hehe.. then suddenly i remember, i think its slander by deed. and i was ryt! yey! ok pa rin pla memory ko hehe.