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I have been experiencing a fit of nausea and headache for the past days. I cannot do my work well and I cannot stay much longer in front of a computer. My work suffers as I cannot finish my tasks on time. I hate having backlogs. What’s worse? Well, I cannot read my books anymore the way I used to read them voraciously. I happened to mention it to my sister while we are having conversation two days ago on the phone. She suggested that I should visit an optometrist as she suspects it has something to do with my eyes and I should go and visit the optometrist. I am a little skeptical about it. But it is worth a try anyway if it only means I could go back to my much loved reading again. So I told her that I will do it this weekend. She teased me how would I look with glasses on. I am thinking about it too. Would it look good on me? Well anyway, there are fashionable glasses these days that you can wear without sacrificing how you look. To be honest, I used to think that eyeglasses are only for old people but then it changed when I see kids these days are wearing glasses already. It is like it became part of the present fad already. I just hope when I would wear one, my sister would not tease me about having this “genius” look because I know I am not really is.