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I was very busy at the office today. I was tasked to do a lot of things. Good thing that we are only experiencing some problems with the power failure in the morning. I encoded I think ten dismissal orders. I could have done more if not for the slow operation of the computer. We only have two computers but with so many people using it, a lot of files have been stored in their respective memory that resulted in the problem that I have encountered. Opening document takes a lot of time not to mention the time it eats up when saving it. It was really frustrating. During the afternoon, I stop doing my task for the mean time and went to address the problem I have been encountering for quite sometime. I checked the disk space and found out that 95% was in use. I got no choice but to find and delete duplicate files as well as those unnecessary files from the computer. It is not an easy job if you ask me, as there are a lot of folders that I have to open and search for those files. But in order to make the computer perform faster I have to make a little sacrifice. I know after this, I can already use the computer without being irritated again by its slow operation. And as for those files that I cannot afford to delete, I put them in my portable storage device so as not to put additional problem to the computer memory so that I can do them even if I am not at work.