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After a month's vacation to my sister in Manila, finally Nanay is going home.  With her is Elanie, Eldridge and the newest member of our family, Erin Leila.  Elanie gave birth to her last February 17.  We thought of naming her Erin Jan but we changed our mind the last minute and decided to change it.

Their flight schedule is on Sunday.  I am excited to see how Eldridge looks now.  Once again, our home will come back to life with his screams that could reach up to the 10th neighbor's house lol.  I do not know how he can do that.  It used to drive me crazy when he was here last March of 2009.  And now it is not just only him but there is our little girl already.  I just hope she doesn't cry that much as I want to spend my Holy Week in peace.  You see,  I am planning to spend it with my parents and naturally the kids are there. hehehe  I really don't want to hear them screaming.

Well anyway, they are my babies as I am their aunt and I love them so I think I have to bear all things that will be making me uncomfortable when I get home.  I will think of it as a little sacrifice for the holy week.


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