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And the rain did come, what a miracle! I was just complaining a moment ago how hot the weather is in my other blog. It took only minutes when I heard raindrops on our roof! Finally, the air is starting to cool down. I am looking forward to going back to sound sleep. There is nothing better than hearing the sound of raindrops. I want to go outside and dance in the rain. But sleeping is something I have in mind right now. God answered my prayers. Maybe He can’t stand my incessant complaints. He got nothing to do but bear this complaining bundle that happens to be me. Listening to the rain was the most luxurious thing for me at the moment. This is the sweetest sound I ever heard after enduring too much heat. I hope it would go on for 5 straight hours to completely vanish any traces of the heat. I would really want to be off to sleep while the rain pours; however I am not yet done writing this and it already stop. Huhmmmmmmmmm…..well at least it rained a little. Thanks God. Can we have a heavy downpour in the next five hours? I hope He would hear me again. And hey! It started raining again. I hope it would go on for another five hours.