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In the heart of a seed buried deep so deep….
This is a line from a poem that my sister Elanie used to memorize when she was only 8. Unfortunately, I forgot about the rest. I remembered it as I was having conversation with my friend Ate Lanie while waiting for the electrical power to be restored. We were sharing stories about our elementary grade days when we were having home economics classes where we were taught how to manage our home; from cooking, cleaning, sewing and gardening. I thought of it as hard because we have to do manual labors. But now, I realize what those hardships I have to endure for. It was a practical way of teaching me to be responsible. I am having a grateful heart now for all my teachers in home economics class.

It may be hard work but my favorite among these activities is gardening. In fact, I had a vegetable garden that I share with one of my classmates where we planted beans. This is the reason why I remember that particular poem of Elanie. Of all the vegetables, my favorite seeds for planting are that of the beans. I love to see beans sprouting from the soil because they look so cute and full of life. It used to be a mystery to me. How can a lifeless little seed on my hand would grow into a beautiful green plant after three days and that later would give me seeds that looked like the one I had planted? It may look lifeless but deep inside, a life is bursting to come out if only planted on the right kind of soil. I only learned about the term germination later.

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