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At around 12:00 noon, my mother arrived with Elanie and her kids, Eldridge and Erin. Today is an exciting day. I want to drag the hands of the clock so that they will be home already. I want to hold Eldridge in my arms and just kiss the small baby as I am afraid to hold her as she very delicate with little hands and feet.

Finally, they arrived and I can’t contain my happiness. I immediately hold Eldridge in my arms. I miss this little guy so much! I only kissed his sister’s little feet and hands. I am afraid that I would broke her gently baby body. I just observe a slight change in the atmosphere of my sister’s home. The house that used to be very quiet is now full of life with the baby’s cries. I love to hear it. Babies can really transform a house into a home. We are all going crazy over the kids especially with our little guy EJ (Eldridge). He was so fascinated by my sister’s small aquarium with little goldfishes in it. At first, he was a little hesitant to approach the aquarium but a little later, driven by his curiosity, he approached it himself. Euvelyn taught him how to feed them. He enjoyed putting those pellets inside the aquarium for the fishes to eat.

Little kids are always the life of a home. I hope it is always like this everyday.