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Yesterday my office mate asked me if I can accompany her to a home improvement store that used to be my previous place of work because she wanted to canvass the prices of doors.  I said yes as it is already two months since I went there for a visit besides, I already missed my old friends there.  The last time I was there, they are quite busy as they were conducting a physical inventory.

The place looks different now from the way it looked while I was still working there.  There was a noticeable improvement with regards to the physical appearance of the store.  What caught my attention was the lone banner stand in the right corner of the mass display.  It is now strategically placed and conspicuous to all customers passing by.  What made me smile was the banner stand that stood near the iced tea counter.  It is the famous place inside the store as the iced tea is served there for free.  But I never get the chance to take advantage of that freebie because I was feeling uncomfortable.  Not because I don’t like it but it is just that I still feel like I am still part of the company and that employees are forbidden to avail of that free iced tea.  My friends there are laughing when I told them about it.

Well, it is good to be there again.  It is just like reliving the past.  I can’t forget my old job with which I was able to meet so many friends that I know I would cherish for a lifetime.