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Last year, I playfully put this question in my blogcatalog discussions.  Just recently, I opened it again and read interesting answers.  I am sharing some of them which I find interesting and some funny.  Here goes....

"Being Married is one of the best - or one of the worst - things in the world for each individual.
It can at times be the very best thing.
And at times be the very worst thing.
It has moments that leave you seething because this person cannot possibly understand EVERYTHING about you - and you cannot understand EVERYTHING about them.
There will ALWAYS be something that drives you insane about a person you live with for any length of time.
However - as it is a FAMILY - just like your brothers/sisters/aunts/uncles/cousins/parents can drive you nuts - there is also something so VERY important about being with someone that you can TRUST to be there - no matter what.
Through thick and thin... through better or worse...
And someone to wake up to that remains there no matter how much you snore.
No matter all of your bad points.
Marriage is wonderful.
It has the potential to be heaven and hell all at the same time. "wagerwitch

"M not married yet but hv seen ma dad and mom...they r rlly happy with each other...nd being with each other and facing the difficulties and problems, good and bad time by holding each others hands for a long time now...thats the best thing of their life... " - alivasim

"i m not married...but i think marriage keeps a strong bond between a couple.. "- dekash

"The good things about being married? Like I wrote, living with someone that you love, whose company you enjoy (whether in or out of the bedroom), and with whom you can share responsibilities and decision-making offers a great deal of security and adds a lot of warmth to your life. The down side is the same as any roommate--your space is never your own." - legbamel

"Having someone catch you when you fall....and always knowing that they will; and being able to return the favor when needed." - victoriahart

"It's nice to know there's at least one person in the world who doesn't appreciate me." - nothingprofound

 "Being married means you can be independent, busy and productive all day, but the law REQUIRES a warm body to be in your bed every night. I have been married almost 40 years and still get very disappointed when my husband is occasionally away. He should be here, every night, in my bed."
- Hels

"I wouldn't know, but I know I like having someone to kill spiders for me. So that'd be a good reason. 24hr bug killer " - sensi

"I've been married for 21+ years. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. He is my soul mate, always there for me, despite the hardships we've had, without him I don't know if I would have got through some of them. He brightens my day, and makes me laugh. He makes me see when I am ridiculous and silly and wrong. He is kind and thoughtful and caring. I can't say how much he means to me and how much he improves my life every day." - blogcatpb

"Two heads are better than one , you will always have a warm bed and .... try it if ur are thinking" - shade2009

"If I have an itch right in the centre of my back, I can try scratching my back on the edge of a wooden door frame. Or I can use a long handled scrubbing brush in the bath. But there is nothing like a loving husband to rub my back at 1 AM." - Hels

I was really having a good time reading all the stuff these people have shared.  I hope you also do.