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And I am excited.

It is twelve days before the much awaited national election. Twelve days before we reach another milestone and carve a new event in the annals of Philippine election. This will be the first time that Filipinos will experience an automated election.   Have you made up your mind already? We should give it much thought. It is not an easy decision to make. Our future in the next six years is at stake here. I am excited to exercise one of my constitutional rights. This is the only time when I can say that I more powerful than those candidates. Their political future remains in my hands and to the rest of all the registered voters. 

As I was visiting the site of Alamadians in Facebook, I was happy to know that my people are utilizing the net as a medium of promoting a candidate who is aiming to become the next mayor of my hometown. I am very much updated with the political events there as I am a registered voter of the aforesaid place. I may be living in Cotabato City but my domicile remains to be Alamada, Cotabato. I am proud of being an Alamadian myself.

With election comes the dilemma of finding your name and the precinct where you are going to vote. I remember before that I have to go to the school that served as voting precincts during election a day before the election. This is to find the precinct where I am assigned to cast my vote. But for this year, I am not going through the same ordeal battling with a thick sheaf of paper just to find which precinct I am assigned to. COMELEC (Commission on Elections) has a precinct finder in their website. You can find your precinct in a matter of seconds by just inputting your full name and birthday. Thanks COMELEC for making my life easy this time.

To find your voting precinct to just click Precinct Finder.

Last weekend I got the opportunity to spend bonding moments with my niece Erin.  She is more than two months old now and is starting to show some changes.  Her cheeks have become chubby and unlike the first few days of her arrival from Manila, she would just sleep and would only cry if she is hungry.  She seemed like having her own world.  My mother said it is normal as babies need a lot of sleep on their early days. However last Saturday, when I played with her and talked to her, I can already sensed an interaction.  I love this development.  Yesterday, I was having a good time recording her video while my mother is putting her diaper on.  She did not cry as she lay on the changing table.  Erin was behaving well.  I hope she will be a good girl when she grows up.

She was not christened yet but my sister said she will be baptized on EJ’s birthday on May 23, 2010.  I am thinking of giving each of them a gift.  A friend said that baby furniture is a good gift idea.  I do not know anything about giving gifts to babies except giving them cute little dresses for the girls and toy cars for the boys.  Maybe I would still settle on buying Erin a dress that would make her look like a princess because that is what she is to me.  I like the idea of seeing her in a cute pink dress.  I thinking of shopping online for baby dressers so that my sister could keep her dresses in place and in organized manner.

By reading this, you can say how crazy I am with my nephew and niece.  Well, obviously that is right I love these two precious children in my life.

After the world populace has battled SARS and AH1N1, another fungus that is said to be lethal and is posing a threat again. This has been reported in a article. The article cited that this new strain of fungus known as VGIIc Cryptococcus gattii is said to be stretching in Oregon and has a high death toll with a mortality of 1 in every 4 infected people.

Edmond Byrnes III was quoted as saying that the emergence of this new strain of fungus should be worried about because it poses a threat to otherwise healthy people. However, Oregon Department of Human Services in Portland, Oregon argued on its statements about the fungus’ deadliness. According to its spokeswoman Patty Wentz, it is wrong. She stressed that it is a very rare disease and does not affect otherwise healthy people. She further added that it only affects those people who have already contacted respiratory disease and asthma including patients who have undergone transplantation. According to her, Oregon at present is taking part in a three-state survey that gathers statistics about the illness brought about by the said fungus and that the state have no information yet about the death rate as it is too early to determine the same.

This morning, I have spent bonding time with my sisters and my brother-in-law.  We had a lazy morning watching a boxing event dubbed as Pilipinas vs. the Rest of the World featuring Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista and other Filipino boxers.  We are among the millions of Filipinos who won’t let a boxing event pass without witnessing it even just on the television. 

It also happens especially when there is a Manny Pacquiao boxing fight.  As I have observed that our area especially the street which is usually busy due to traffic becomes very quiet.  The only thing you will hear is the shouts of boxing aficionados.  The world seems to stop to all Filipinos from all walks of life.  They would stop whatever they are doing just to watch Pacman throw his powerful punches.  He made all of us happy everytime he goes out and fight on the ring bringing honor to our country.  In the Philippines, whenever you mention boxing, it is always associated with Manny Pacquiao.

In our office, we are not exempted from those people who are eagerly awaits his every fight.  We would even find something exciting to do like having a sport bet so that when Pacquiao wins our happiness is doubled not only with the honor he brings but the financial reward too.  I was really disappointed when the Pacquiao-Mayweather did materialized.  But with the upcoming Mosley-Mayweather bout, there is still a possibility that they would face each other if Mayweather wins over Mosley.  This is something I want to happen.

I don’t know what is happening here in my place.  With the national election day just a few days away, bombing is the “in” thing these days.  Last night, I went to my friend’s party.  When I went home, we were not allowed to traverse the national highway.  Authorities closed the road going to the cathedral because some demonic individual wants to wreak havoc in there and planted a bomb irresponsibly. There are also reports, though unconfirmed about the impending signing of an agreement (again) between the government and another separatist group.  I remember the last time it happened; it caused war in some areas of Mindanao.  If only government would be transparent with their policies and not to make any under the table agreements with any groups.  They think they just can put the future of Mindanao in the hands of the few who got nothing in mind but their personal interests.

Looking at the situation we are in, it is likely that some groups or individuals are planning to stage a scenario of chaos that would likely lead to “no-el” or no election.  If there would be failure of election, what would you expect to happen?  Well, the same corrupt government who ruled us for over nine years will still be there and make us suffer for an uncertain period of time.

I wish one day lightning would just strike these people dead for what they are doing to the citizenry.  People go hungry while they ate at some fancy restaurants.  This is just my wishful thinking.  I hope nothing would happen to sabotage the election.  I want a new leadership.  I am sick and done with what we have today; scheming and power hungry individuals that think of their own instead of the welfare of the people.  People who think that they are God who can make things happen as to their whims; who think that being in power is a privilege instead of a responsibility.  I am very much frustrated.  I hope this misery we are experiencing would end soon.
Since I created my other blog Scribbling Moments, I decided to have it hosted but I changed my mind when it got Page Rank 3 after 50 days. Prior to this, my friends are suggesting some web hosting providers for me to choose from. I also tried to look up on the net in order to find bits of useful information about these web hosts they are suggesting.

Web hosting is a type of internet service where a blogger or any person who wants to make their site be available for the world to see. The company who provide this kind of service is called a web host. I have read that having your site hosted has lots of advantages than using a free platform. If it is being hosted, you can have more freedom to do whatever you want with your website. You can opt for a platform that could make your site a reflection of your creativity.

I stumbled upon this blog that has interesting posts that tackle on a variety of subjects about web hosting, domain names, search engines, blogging software, web hosting reviews, e-commerce, web security and a lot more related topics. It also provides news about the web hosting industry and the latest style or “fashion” in the world of web development. Do you think only the fashion world got the latest trend? Web development has this too. As days go by, web development also changes. So it should be imperative to all of us who uses the net to be well informed about these changes so as not for us to be left behind.

The blog I have mentioned above is called Web Hosting Fan. It is like a guide to all existing and aspiring bloggers on everything they need to know about web hosting. It also features the top ten web hosting sites available on the net. Not only that, it also features the popular web hosting reviews that would surely make any reader like me well informed before I decide on the web host I would choose.

I went home very tired from work today.  Tomorrow would be another day to endure hmmmm….  This afternoon, Atty. Teng Ambulodto visited our office to see what equipments we need to further improve the services of our office.  This effort is an initiative of a foreign organization called ABA ROLI.  Our boss said that he is tasked to inspect our office to check the needs of the employees.  Tomorrow, he will be interviewing each employee to know more about our problems so the ABA ROLI would know what equipments to send to us.  The people behind this initiative are so generous to address the needs of court employees like me who suffers a warm courtroom without any ventilation everytime we are conducting a court hearing.  You see, we have this secluded courtroom with no windows and have two broken air conditioning units.
I was so exhausted after a day’s work that I could not think of anything but lay on my bed and have a good serious nap for two hours.  As I lay on my bed and close my eyes, I felt like there are small things crawling on my skin.  I tried to ignore it but it felt so itchy.  The itch started on my back so I tried to scratch it.  I suspected that there is a presence of these disgusting bed bugs on my bed.  If only I could find cheap remedies for a bed bugs infestation, I would be able to eliminate them.  It is very frustrating because I only changed my bed cover yesterday and then I have to change it again.  However, I need a good rest so I patiently change it again and proceeded on taking a nap.  This time the itching of my back become worse; then came next my arms, the back of my knees and my neck.  Only then did I realize, this is not a case of bed bug infestation but another bout of allergy attack from eating shrimps.

What’s the name again?  It’s Eyjafjallajoekull.  It is a volcano in Iceland that erupted twice this year.  The first one was on March 20, 2010 and the second one was last April 14, 2010.  I would have dismissed this as another unfortunate event but with a name that is difficult to say, I think this volcano is worth my time.   Eyjafjallajoekull which means "island-mountains glacier" is a volcano below a glacier in Iceland.  Its April eruption is more powerful compare to the first one.  It caused air traffic problems around Northern Europe which in turn caused flight delays and trouble.
Saying this word makes my nose bleeds so to speak hehehehe….  I am so engrossed saying it right until I forgot that I have a cup of coffee waiting for me.  No more tongue-twister volcano name for me anymore.  Addressing it as an Iceland volcano is enough.  I don’t want anymore trouble just to say the word right.   

I woke up late today like I used to on any ordinary weekend  but this day is, to a certain extent very special in my life.  It is my blog’s first birthday.  It’s like it was only a week ago that I am struggling to set this blog up; looking up for a new template and putting my chatbox.  I can’t believe that I have been blogging for a year now.  I remember the first time when Ate An introduced me to the world of blogging.  She served as my mentor.  If not for her, I will not be enjoying my blogger’s life.

This blog started from scratch. At present, it has 31 followers, 247 posts, and a page rank of 3.  Not much accomplishments but I am happy with what this blog has achieved after 365 days.  I want to express my gratitude to all the nice people out there who care to read, drop by and leave their comments in Sunday Blues.  Thank you very much.  
As part of expressing my appreciation, I am featuring here a list of bloggers that are worth checking out. 

Ate an, my mentor and friend

Yamtorrecampo, my first ever friend I met in bloglandia.

Ate Amina, my new found friend and kababayan

Nothing Profound, his posts are amazing, see for yourself.

Kumagcow, I just find this guy funny. he he he….

Jona, a friend I found in bloglandia too and invited me to join her meme with Love Wednesday.

For those who are curious to know, here is my first ever blog post. 

Once again guys, thank you, gracias, merci, grazie, danke, salamat or in my own dialect madamo gid nga salamat!


Time flies so fast without me noticing it.  My sister is about to enter her fifth year in college. Right now, she is in Marbel having an on-the-job training at the Department of Public Works and Highways Regional Office 12 as part of her curriculum requirements.  She texted me this afternoon and told me how happy she is that she had survived her first week there without any problems to speak of.  She also asked me if I am going to Davao City tomorrow as she is looking for a textbook on National Building Code that she needs in one of her subjects.  Since I am out of budget, I told her I won’t and that she had to look for it in some bookstores in Marbel that sell textbooks like the one she is asking from me.

To have a student is not an easy thing.  I have to worry about everything like her tuition, allowance and projects.  This time another expense will be added on June as she is going to do her thesis.  It may be hard but everytime I look at my sister, I am getting more inspired as I see in her the determination to pass all her subjects and get a degree in engineering.  After her thesis, the next thing I will worry is preparing for her board examination.  I hope I can have all the funds I need when the time comes.  But I am not worried at all.  I know deep down in my heart that God will provide.  By the time I know it; I already have a civil engineer for a sister.  Who wouldn’t be proud of that?

I went to South Seas mall after office hours to purchase groceries for the weekend.  While checking on the ice cream section, two teen-age girls approached and asked me about the price of the one that I picked up.  I told them about it.  Then I proceeded to another section of the grocery.  When I was at the cashier’s counter to pay for my groceries, I saw the two girls again.  They are at the other counter but what irked me was that they were staring at me until it reached the point that I was already getting uncomfortable.  I don’t like it when people stare at me.  Aside from the fact that it is annoying, it is also bad manner to stare at people.  It didn’t stop there.  They whispered something to their companion who in turn, stared at me as well.  I wonder if they were taught by their parents about it.  They stared at me with the expressions on their faces like I can’t pay for what I was putting on the counter.  I really want to approach them and tell them about their manner but I decided against it because I was so busy with my business with the cashier.  I concentrated on carrying my grocery bag outside the grocery and went home instead. 

I hope parents would spend time teaching their kids about good manners.  It is not a hard  thing to do when they should be taught at an early age.  Starting with saying please and thank you can be the first step towards developing good manners in dealing with people around them.  It is being taught in schools but being educated also at home makes a lot of difference in a child’s attitude.  As for those girls, I wish I will never meet them again.

I am spending the night at my sis Euvelyn’s home because Elanie and EJ are here. Tomorrow will be their flight back to Manila. EJ is a little hyperactive tonight. We took turns taking his pictures while he is running around and just enjoying the spacious living room. I can’t use my laptop as he would sit in front and would just suddenly hit the screen or punched on the keys. He is trying my temper and I want to pinch him but I can’t do it. He is my nephew, my godson I consider my own baby. He has new word for this week. He only used to say “Tatay” (referring to my father) but now another word was already added in his vocabulary and that is “Nanay” (referring to my mother). He would knock on the door of the bathroom and say “Nay, Nay, Nay”. He is thinking that my mother is inside. 

I wondered when he would cease running around. He loves to run and jump on the chairs. He fed my sister’s fishes this afternoon. He enjoyed getting the small pellets on my hand and put them in the aquarium. Finally he got tired and is now lying on the makeshift bed we temporarily have for the night. Elanie is singing kiddie songs for him. When she got tired singing, she played his CD of kiddie songs. Thankfully, our tot laid back and fell asleep after a while. 

I would really miss a time like this.

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Denial is useless. I have to admit that thinking about EJ’s departure saddened me. I want to make time stand still for my nephew to stay longer and for me to spend more time to play with him. If only I could go home everyday so I will enjoy his company. I never mind hearing his cries although sometimes it is giving me a headache. Parting is always the saddest part in everyone’s life. Yesterday, I held him like I never want him to be away from me. If only it is possible, sadly it is not. My sister works in Quezon City. She has to bring her son with her after her vacation. I want to watch his development. I want to see him running around enjoying the innocence of childhood. 

I enjoyed watching him say the few words that he had learned. I always love the way he claps his hands when I finish singing him Entsy Wentsy Spider. He does the same every time he watches my Disney music collection CD. I love that CD but I think I have to give it up for my nephew to enjoy when he goes back to Manila. I can buy another one anyway.

It has been two days since I last checked on my e-mails. As soon as I arrived home, I opened my laptop and get on line and check my e-mails. I have a lot of notifications and requests on my Facebook; like the usual stuff about Mafia Wars and group invitations which I don’t know if I would accept them all and a lot of boring bits and pieces. But not this invitation I received from the National Book Development Book Club Discussion on Shadow of Doubt and another invitation from a former colleague about a product presentation. Now, these last two subjects took my sleepiness away as they belonged to my topics of interest. They got my attention because for the first one, it is a discussion on a book that centers on probing the inner works of the institution where I work and the second one has a topic that highlights the technique on Waterproofing Basement Walls. It is timely as my cousin inquired about this subject the other day. She and her husband are in the process of building their home and they are asking me a lot of stuff about it since my previous job is related to house building and home improvement. I guess I have to accept the second one. The first one I can’t do anything but decline it as it will be held in Manila. It is impossible for me to attend because I am tied up with work at present and besides the air fare is quite expensive and I have a lot of expenses to think of for now. I hope there would still be another discussion of that kind in our place so I could be there without spending a large amount of money.

Election is only a month away.  I am excited to exercise my right to suffrage by casting  my vote for the people whom I believed would be the catalyst of change in our government.  People especially the candidates are very much busy campaigning in different places.  Their banners are starting to become eye sore and a pain in the neck of the street sweepers.  Election is the subject of every conversation I have been hearing these days even in our office. 
However with election also comes violence.  There are a lot of incidents that are taking place that are related to election especially here in our place.  So for the authority to address this problem, the Comelec (Commission on Election) issued a directive on gun ban to control the violence.  But I don’t think it is effective.  Despite the government’s effort to provide amnesty on people who carry unlicensed firearms and provide them with info on current gun control laws, they are still unable to get license for their firearms. Incidents happened because only the abiding citizens subjects themselves to the law but those who owned unlicensed firearms are still free to carry theirs.  Mostly they are the ones who commit crimes and not the former.  Good thing that authorities were able to apprehend some of them.  In fact, we already received cases in our office related to violation of election gun ban.  I do not know if these people are aware of the repercussion of violating the gun ban law as they still have the guts to violate it.

Hi guys!  I am back again!  I spent my weekend at my parents bonding with my nephew EJ as he and his mom will be going home on Thursday.  I took the time to spend quality moments with him.  Yesterday, we leisurely walked again the along the national road and let him enjoy the scenery until he got tired and sleepy.  We went home with me carrying him which made my back ache.  Carrying a 12 kilos child is not a joke.  But it’s alright and all worth it and besides it rarely happens to me to spend time with him.  I am just making memories to cherish and for me to have something to tell him when he grows up.      

 Today is Araw ng Kagitingan. It is one of Philippine holidays.  Yay!  Holiday means a lot to me; not only because of its significance in our history also because that means no work as the office is closed.  I woke up late.  What would I expect?  I slept late last night.  I am too lazy to prepare breakfast so I decided to have toast go with a cup of my favorite sweet and creamy flavored Nescafé.  I love my breakfast.  This is the kind of morning I want to wake up to.  I don’t have to hurry because I am running late.  I can laze around to my heart’s content.  And I am sure tomorrow would also be like this for me.  

If not for the delivery boy who was calling outside, I would still be sleeping until 12 noon hehehe.  That is how much I love to sleep.

 For now, I am waiting for my sister.  I received a package this morning.  IIhave been waiting for it since yesterday.  It contains stuff we ordered from a friend on Facebook.  I can't open it until she arrived.  I am very much excited.  We will be having lunch together.  so I guess i have to go now and cook something for lunch.

Have a happy Friday guys! 

"Average. You have good information and most websites fall in this ball park."

This is what blogger Self Sagacity has to say about my PageRank.  Just this afternoon while blog hopping, I stumbled upon this interesting post about Page Rank and their meanings that she posted on her blog.  Out of curiosity, I checked it out because like a lot of people out there, I do not know what is PageRank for.  All I know is that it was named after Larry Page, its developer.  How to increase your page rank is still a mystery to me; I want to know the secret behind it but I am too lazy to find out.  So I just rely on what I read from different articles available on the net although sometimes knowing more about it makes it complicated to me. Terms like algorithm, stochastic matrix, and arbitrary vector are just some words that I encounter every time I read about PageRank. These are the words that I chose not to explore because of their mathematical background.  They are very much out of my league (FYI: I am allergic to Math ever since the day I learn about numbers).  However there is another kind of Math that I love.

M- Merienda (Snack)

A – Agahan (Breakfast)

T – Tanghalian (Lunch)

H - Hapunan (Dinner)

Thanks to the Facebook user who shared this on my wall.  I never had an idea that Math has another meaning until I read it yesterday.

Well anyway, if you are interested to know what the PR number of your site stands for, check out Self Sagacity’s post about it. 

This is my first ever entry to Ruby Tuesday.  With me here is my sister Euvelyn.  This picture was taken last February at the waiting area Awang Airport here in Cotabato City.

See lots of RED at RUBY TUESDAY.
No matter how I tried to close my eyes, I can't go to sleep.  I don't know what happened to me again.  I did not have a carbonated drink today.  I only had water and cranberry juice.  Oh God, if you are listening help me.  I need to wake up early tomorrow.  One more court session for the week and I really need to survive it.  I don't want to be sleepy while at work.  If only I have the power to do anything, I would drag the days to make it go faster and make it April 9 already so I can rest and have all the sleep that I want since it's  national holiday here in the Philippines.  It's Bataan Day or better known as Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valour).

 Got no choice left, I got senti with Vivaldi's Four Seasons Spring.  I don't know what is with this music why I love it so much (well, aside from Beethoven and Mozart).  I know a lot of you will raise your eyebrows but what can I do, my affinity for this kind of music dates back from the time immemorial.  I feel like I was born during their time. And I just reincarnated under a new physical body and country. hehehe

Sleep is quite elusive tonight, so I might as well rant here until sleep would remember me.  Oh Hypnos where are you when I needed you most?  Just don't bring your twin with you ok?  I am not yet ready to sleep forever. lol

Saving our planet is one of our social responsibilities being an inhabitant of the earth; we owe this not only to ourselves but to our fellow human being and to all the creatures that co-exist with us. Our natural resources have been exploited to an intolerable degree and we need to do something if we want our race to survive and roam the planet for a longer period of time. We should find ways to tap renewable energy. There are a lot of things we can do. Instead of using electricity generated by power plants we can utilize the heat of the sun or better known as solar energy to generate an alternative energy. It is good to note that we are not alone in this advocacy of saving the planet.
Thanks to those corporations who are fully aware of their social responsibility towards the Earth and for their effort to help us in this endeavor. N-Viro International Corporation (NVIC) is one which we can look up to and emulate. Just in case you don’t know, NVIC is a corporation which advocates “green technology”. This corporation developed technology that converts waste to energy. It also has patented processes that utilize clean coal and opportunity fuels to produce alternative energy. For detailed information about the technology and processes they develop see

I have the habit of brushing my hair before I go to sleep every night.  As I was facing the mirror earlier brushing my hair, I noticed that it needed to be fixed again. The last time I had my hair pampered was in September 2009.  That was a long time ago in terms of hair maintenance.  Hair is considered as the crowning glory of a person. It enhances a person’s appearance so it is just appropriate that it should be taken care of properly.

When I was a little girl, I used to have thick tresses of straight black long hair that reached down to my waistline.  My cousin loved it and would buy me cute little hair clips to adorn my hair.  I am longing to have that kind of hair again.  I took it for granted before.  I never took care of it and now I am disappointed when I am having a bad hair day.  I am just lucky that it is not everyday that I have to endure it.

Every time I see a shampoo commercial on television, it makes me so envious of the models with long black flowing hair.  Could it be that they have their hair fixed at a Hair Salon In Temecula?  Sometimes I wonder how much it will cost me to have that kind of hair.  I am willing to pay for it if it means that I can have my beautiful tresses back.  Nothing can be compared to the contentment that I would feel when I can run my fingers again over my long straight hair.
I got home early (thanks to brownout) complaining about this terrible headache I am having right now. I already took paracetamol and good thing, the pain is already subsiding. While at the office, my mind was wandering and dreaming about being in the comfort of my bed. However when I got home, I did not lay on my bed and go to sleep; I just sit in front of my laptop and checked my e-mails and do a little blog hopping instead. I forgot about going to sleep already.

But after being online for 30 minutes, I felt that I am becoming drowsy after listening to my Carpenters cd. I wanted to close my eyes so I went to bed and took forty winks. Music has that soothing effect on me. It felt like it was lulling me to sleep. I can now relate to what EJ feels every time he hears his favorite music. 

I am glad that the weather is no longer that hot. It rained a little so the temperature began to cool down too. I did sleep very comfortably. I woke up around 8 pm already and I had my dinner of mangoes. As for my headache, it vanished already and I am having a good time at this instant. Napping helps a lot when I have a headache.  This I learned from Jason.
Babies do sleep like there is no tomorrow. This I observed while I was at home. I watched my sister’s baby Erin sleep. She slept so peacefully that I do not want anything to disturb her. She needs more sleep for her to grow faster. I really wanted to kiss her but I do not want her to wake up and cry so I was keeping the urge to hold and kiss our tiny baby. For her to sleep soundly at night, my mom would let the light on until morning as she will cry if she wakes up and it is dark. 

Earlier while I was having dinner my mom called and told me that the light they are using in their room got busted. She told me to buy a replacement and my sister will just pick it up as she will come here tomorrow to buy essentials for the baby. I hope the store which I usually buy our lighting supplies would have lights on sale as I am running short of my budget already. The funds which I am expecting since last week did not arrived on time and I still have to send my other sister her allowance as she will be going to Marbel for her on-the-job training with the Department of Public Works and Highways. I know a lot of people out there share my joy and suffering of having a student to send to school. But it is alright as I am also inspired knowing that she is doing good and besides I only have one year left before she could finish from her course. God willing one year or two years from now, I would already have an engineer in the person of my sister. ;)

I hope you are enjoying yours as I do.  This PR stuff has not sink in yet.  I am still absorbing everything.  It feels so unreal.  I am trying get used to it lol.  Have you gone Easter Egg Hunting today?  We all have the reason to celebrate because we are commemorating the event when Jesus resurrected from the dead after giving up His life on the cross for us to be saved.  What a great act of selflessness.  

What a superb Easter gift I receive today. It is far better that finding that Easter egg that you have been trying to find for hours. I was jumping in happiness as my page rank is now 3! Yay! I never expected it. I had no idea about my page rank as it is already two days that I am trying to establish a stable internet connection. Smart’s signal is a little weaker at my parent’s home. 

So I just patiently waited for Sunday to come so I can go back here in Cotabato City and do my blogging again. As soon as I arrived, I opened my laptop right away and did not waste any time to get connected. I missed being online. I can’t imagine my life without the internet. I began with checking my e-mails then proceeded on visiting my blog. My eyes caught the sight of my PR widget and to my surprise, from being 2 it is now 3! I am so happy I wanted to holler inside my room but then I caught myself and decided against it. I texted Ate An instead and imparted to her the good news that I received.

Do you think the excitement stop there? Nope, because when I checked my other blog its PR is also 3! I was shocked as this blog is only a month old. How could it have that PR instantly? Whatever the explanation is I am no longer interested to know about it. All I care about for now is the intoxicating bliss that I am feeling at the moment.

For this feat, I want to thank God first and foremost for this blessing. Ate An who served as my mentor and introduced me to the world of blogging. Thank you Ate. I also want to thank all the bloggers I meet in bloglandia and became my friends. I owe these all to you guys.

Being at my parents’ home for 3 and half days was exhilarating. I was able to get myself relaxed and got the sleep that I always long for. The food was oh so good; all natural and fresh from our very own garden which my mother tended personally. I also went to the house of my aunt as they are having a party and I ate a lot of my favorite Filipino foods like lechon, kaldereta, inihaw na bangus, afritada and the best of all a plate full of ripe mango slices. And my aunt made me try her freshly made protein shakes which she personally prepared in cute colorful cups. My aunt said that I can have all the protein shakes I want since it can’t make me gain weight. It was so good that I had five helpings before I decided that I am already stuffed. Thinking about it now makes me wonder how I was able to eat them all.
I love long holidays as these give me the chance to have hours of chat with my cousins whom I have not seen in years and most of all bonding with my siblings and parents. However it has disadvantage too. It could give me a selective amnesia that I tend to forget that I should only eat moderately lol. Well anyway, when it comes to food, I never say no when this is being offered in front of me.

I am looking forward for another long holiday like this next year or maybe this December.  Can I turn back the time again?  I want it to be like this all the time.  Three days is not enough for me.
It is the first day of April. Wait, is it April Fools today? I am not sure. What I am very sure of is that today is Holy Thursday. I woke up around eight o’clock in the morning. I got no particular thing to do today but just to relax. After sipping a cup of coffee, I picked Ej up and then we went outside our home and then walked a short distance to get some sun. This is one of the things I miss about being home. I am grateful for the long holiday I am enjoying; I get the time to make life a little slower. I get the chance to watch and appreciate everything as I pass by. I showed my nephew everything that a provincial life could offer. I showed him the grazing cows on the field. He was so excited seeing them and he was giggling when the cow made a sound. Maybe he was thinking that the cows were talking to him. I let him see the chirping birds up in the trees. He was so happy and saying unintelligible words. I let him chase chickens around too. This is his favorite thing to do. 

This afternoon, he approached our pet goat and touched it on its head. He was not afraid. As my sister was about to take their picture, the goat went away with EJ left confused as to the goat’s behavior. We missed taking their pics. We will try it again tomorrow. I hope the goat will cooperate with us.

It is past my bedtime already got to go now so I guess I have to sleep now. Good night everyone.