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After the world populace has battled SARS and AH1N1, another fungus that is said to be lethal and is posing a threat again. This has been reported in a article. The article cited that this new strain of fungus known as VGIIc Cryptococcus gattii is said to be stretching in Oregon and has a high death toll with a mortality of 1 in every 4 infected people.

Edmond Byrnes III was quoted as saying that the emergence of this new strain of fungus should be worried about because it poses a threat to otherwise healthy people. However, Oregon Department of Human Services in Portland, Oregon argued on its statements about the fungus’ deadliness. According to its spokeswoman Patty Wentz, it is wrong. She stressed that it is a very rare disease and does not affect otherwise healthy people. She further added that it only affects those people who have already contacted respiratory disease and asthma including patients who have undergone transplantation. According to her, Oregon at present is taking part in a three-state survey that gathers statistics about the illness brought about by the said fungus and that the state have no information yet about the death rate as it is too early to determine the same.