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Election is only a month away.  I am excited to exercise my right to suffrage by casting  my vote for the people whom I believed would be the catalyst of change in our government.  People especially the candidates are very much busy campaigning in different places.  Their banners are starting to become eye sore and a pain in the neck of the street sweepers.  Election is the subject of every conversation I have been hearing these days even in our office. 
However with election also comes violence.  There are a lot of incidents that are taking place that are related to election especially here in our place.  So for the authority to address this problem, the Comelec (Commission on Election) issued a directive on gun ban to control the violence.  But I don’t think it is effective.  Despite the government’s effort to provide amnesty on people who carry unlicensed firearms and provide them with info on current gun control laws, they are still unable to get license for their firearms. Incidents happened because only the abiding citizens subjects themselves to the law but those who owned unlicensed firearms are still free to carry theirs.  Mostly they are the ones who commit crimes and not the former.  Good thing that authorities were able to apprehend some of them.  In fact, we already received cases in our office related to violation of election gun ban.  I do not know if these people are aware of the repercussion of violating the gun ban law as they still have the guts to violate it.