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And I am excited.

It is twelve days before the much awaited national election. Twelve days before we reach another milestone and carve a new event in the annals of Philippine election. This will be the first time that Filipinos will experience an automated election.   Have you made up your mind already? We should give it much thought. It is not an easy decision to make. Our future in the next six years is at stake here. I am excited to exercise one of my constitutional rights. This is the only time when I can say that I more powerful than those candidates. Their political future remains in my hands and to the rest of all the registered voters. 

As I was visiting the site of Alamadians in Facebook, I was happy to know that my people are utilizing the net as a medium of promoting a candidate who is aiming to become the next mayor of my hometown. I am very much updated with the political events there as I am a registered voter of the aforesaid place. I may be living in Cotabato City but my domicile remains to be Alamada, Cotabato. I am proud of being an Alamadian myself.

With election comes the dilemma of finding your name and the precinct where you are going to vote. I remember before that I have to go to the school that served as voting precincts during election a day before the election. This is to find the precinct where I am assigned to cast my vote. But for this year, I am not going through the same ordeal battling with a thick sheaf of paper just to find which precinct I am assigned to. COMELEC (Commission on Elections) has a precinct finder in their website. You can find your precinct in a matter of seconds by just inputting your full name and birthday. Thanks COMELEC for making my life easy this time.

To find your voting precinct to just click Precinct Finder.