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Saving our planet is one of our social responsibilities being an inhabitant of the earth; we owe this not only to ourselves but to our fellow human being and to all the creatures that co-exist with us. Our natural resources have been exploited to an intolerable degree and we need to do something if we want our race to survive and roam the planet for a longer period of time. We should find ways to tap renewable energy. There are a lot of things we can do. Instead of using electricity generated by power plants we can utilize the heat of the sun or better known as solar energy to generate an alternative energy. It is good to note that we are not alone in this advocacy of saving the planet.
Thanks to those corporations who are fully aware of their social responsibility towards the Earth and for their effort to help us in this endeavor. N-Viro International Corporation (NVIC) is one which we can look up to and emulate. Just in case you don’t know, NVIC is a corporation which advocates “green technology”. This corporation developed technology that converts waste to energy. It also has patented processes that utilize clean coal and opportunity fuels to produce alternative energy. For detailed information about the technology and processes they develop see