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I have the habit of brushing my hair before I go to sleep every night.  As I was facing the mirror earlier brushing my hair, I noticed that it needed to be fixed again. The last time I had my hair pampered was in September 2009.  That was a long time ago in terms of hair maintenance.  Hair is considered as the crowning glory of a person. It enhances a person’s appearance so it is just appropriate that it should be taken care of properly.

When I was a little girl, I used to have thick tresses of straight black long hair that reached down to my waistline.  My cousin loved it and would buy me cute little hair clips to adorn my hair.  I am longing to have that kind of hair again.  I took it for granted before.  I never took care of it and now I am disappointed when I am having a bad hair day.  I am just lucky that it is not everyday that I have to endure it.

Every time I see a shampoo commercial on television, it makes me so envious of the models with long black flowing hair.  Could it be that they have their hair fixed at a Hair Salon In Temecula?  Sometimes I wonder how much it will cost me to have that kind of hair.  I am willing to pay for it if it means that I can have my beautiful tresses back.  Nothing can be compared to the contentment that I would feel when I can run my fingers again over my long straight hair.