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Babies do sleep like there is no tomorrow. This I observed while I was at home. I watched my sister’s baby Erin sleep. She slept so peacefully that I do not want anything to disturb her. She needs more sleep for her to grow faster. I really wanted to kiss her but I do not want her to wake up and cry so I was keeping the urge to hold and kiss our tiny baby. For her to sleep soundly at night, my mom would let the light on until morning as she will cry if she wakes up and it is dark. 

Earlier while I was having dinner my mom called and told me that the light they are using in their room got busted. She told me to buy a replacement and my sister will just pick it up as she will come here tomorrow to buy essentials for the baby. I hope the store which I usually buy our lighting supplies would have lights on sale as I am running short of my budget already. The funds which I am expecting since last week did not arrived on time and I still have to send my other sister her allowance as she will be going to Marbel for her on-the-job training with the Department of Public Works and Highways. I know a lot of people out there share my joy and suffering of having a student to send to school. But it is alright as I am also inspired knowing that she is doing good and besides I only have one year left before she could finish from her course. God willing one year or two years from now, I would already have an engineer in the person of my sister. ;)