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I am spending the night at my sis Euvelyn’s home because Elanie and EJ are here. Tomorrow will be their flight back to Manila. EJ is a little hyperactive tonight. We took turns taking his pictures while he is running around and just enjoying the spacious living room. I can’t use my laptop as he would sit in front and would just suddenly hit the screen or punched on the keys. He is trying my temper and I want to pinch him but I can’t do it. He is my nephew, my godson I consider my own baby. He has new word for this week. He only used to say “Tatay” (referring to my father) but now another word was already added in his vocabulary and that is “Nanay” (referring to my mother). He would knock on the door of the bathroom and say “Nay, Nay, Nay”. He is thinking that my mother is inside. 

I wondered when he would cease running around. He loves to run and jump on the chairs. He fed my sister’s fishes this afternoon. He enjoyed getting the small pellets on my hand and put them in the aquarium. Finally he got tired and is now lying on the makeshift bed we temporarily have for the night. Elanie is singing kiddie songs for him. When she got tired singing, she played his CD of kiddie songs. Thankfully, our tot laid back and fell asleep after a while. 

I would really miss a time like this.