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Being at my parents’ home for 3 and half days was exhilarating. I was able to get myself relaxed and got the sleep that I always long for. The food was oh so good; all natural and fresh from our very own garden which my mother tended personally. I also went to the house of my aunt as they are having a party and I ate a lot of my favorite Filipino foods like lechon, kaldereta, inihaw na bangus, afritada and the best of all a plate full of ripe mango slices. And my aunt made me try her freshly made protein shakes which she personally prepared in cute colorful cups. My aunt said that I can have all the protein shakes I want since it can’t make me gain weight. It was so good that I had five helpings before I decided that I am already stuffed. Thinking about it now makes me wonder how I was able to eat them all.
I love long holidays as these give me the chance to have hours of chat with my cousins whom I have not seen in years and most of all bonding with my siblings and parents. However it has disadvantage too. It could give me a selective amnesia that I tend to forget that I should only eat moderately lol. Well anyway, when it comes to food, I never say no when this is being offered in front of me.

I am looking forward for another long holiday like this next year or maybe this December.  Can I turn back the time again?  I want it to be like this all the time.  Three days is not enough for me.