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What’s the name again?  It’s Eyjafjallajoekull.  It is a volcano in Iceland that erupted twice this year.  The first one was on March 20, 2010 and the second one was last April 14, 2010.  I would have dismissed this as another unfortunate event but with a name that is difficult to say, I think this volcano is worth my time.   Eyjafjallajoekull which means "island-mountains glacier" is a volcano below a glacier in Iceland.  Its April eruption is more powerful compare to the first one.  It caused air traffic problems around Northern Europe which in turn caused flight delays and trouble.
Saying this word makes my nose bleeds so to speak hehehehe….  I am so engrossed saying it right until I forgot that I have a cup of coffee waiting for me.  No more tongue-twister volcano name for me anymore.  Addressing it as an Iceland volcano is enough.  I don’t want anymore trouble just to say the word right.