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Denial is useless. I have to admit that thinking about EJ’s departure saddened me. I want to make time stand still for my nephew to stay longer and for me to spend more time to play with him. If only I could go home everyday so I will enjoy his company. I never mind hearing his cries although sometimes it is giving me a headache. Parting is always the saddest part in everyone’s life. Yesterday, I held him like I never want him to be away from me. If only it is possible, sadly it is not. My sister works in Quezon City. She has to bring her son with her after her vacation. I want to watch his development. I want to see him running around enjoying the innocence of childhood. 

I enjoyed watching him say the few words that he had learned. I always love the way he claps his hands when I finish singing him Entsy Wentsy Spider. He does the same every time he watches my Disney music collection CD. I love that CD but I think I have to give it up for my nephew to enjoy when he goes back to Manila. I can buy another one anyway.