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This song is a reminder of my childhood. I love it as well as my sister Elanie. The mere word “mangga” is already enough to trigger the flowing of my summer memories. As a kid, I love to climb trees like guava and mango when my parents are not looking. We used to have a native mango tree at the center of my grandparent’s ranch. At first, I would try to pick the fruits with the use of a very long stick but when I already get tired of doing so, I would connived with my playmates not to tell my parents about it and there I go, climbing the mango tree like a monkey. Until now, I still vividly remember the exhilarating feeling of being on the top of the tree. In a child’s world, when you can do a feat as small as like being able to climb a tree is already a big accomplishment. 

Now, the ranch was gone, so is the tree and with it, part of my summer memoirs. The funniest thing I remember with that ranch was that my sister and I were mischievously chasing the cows and daring to wear red clothes. One day, while we were chasing the cows and they were running away from us, we were having a good time thinking that we scared them away despite our size only to find out that the fiercest bull my grandparents had was approaching and charging us with fury. We scampered away like little rats. It is the wonder of adrenaline rush that saved me. I was able to climb a cacao tree which I can’t normally climb.

I am just sad my little sister Erika and my nephew and niece would no longer experience that kind of childhood. With my grandparents gone, so are the ranch, the mango, guava and cacao trees were gone. Only the coconut trees remained as a reminder of what used to be.


A.M.I.N.A said...

Nice song!BTW, I have an award for you.Please grab it.