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 Today is Araw ng Kagitingan. It is one of Philippine holidays.  Yay!  Holiday means a lot to me; not only because of its significance in our history also because that means no work as the office is closed.  I woke up late.  What would I expect?  I slept late last night.  I am too lazy to prepare breakfast so I decided to have toast go with a cup of my favorite sweet and creamy flavored Nescafé.  I love my breakfast.  This is the kind of morning I want to wake up to.  I don’t have to hurry because I am running late.  I can laze around to my heart’s content.  And I am sure tomorrow would also be like this for me.  

If not for the delivery boy who was calling outside, I would still be sleeping until 12 noon hehehe.  That is how much I love to sleep.

 For now, I am waiting for my sister.  I received a package this morning.  IIhave been waiting for it since yesterday.  It contains stuff we ordered from a friend on Facebook.  I can't open it until she arrived.  I am very much excited.  We will be having lunch together.  so I guess i have to go now and cook something for lunch.

Have a happy Friday guys!