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I went home very tired from work today.  Tomorrow would be another day to endure hmmmm….  This afternoon, Atty. Teng Ambulodto visited our office to see what equipments we need to further improve the services of our office.  This effort is an initiative of a foreign organization called ABA ROLI.  Our boss said that he is tasked to inspect our office to check the needs of the employees.  Tomorrow, he will be interviewing each employee to know more about our problems so the ABA ROLI would know what equipments to send to us.  The people behind this initiative are so generous to address the needs of court employees like me who suffers a warm courtroom without any ventilation everytime we are conducting a court hearing.  You see, we have this secluded courtroom with no windows and have two broken air conditioning units.
I was so exhausted after a day’s work that I could not think of anything but lay on my bed and have a good serious nap for two hours.  As I lay on my bed and close my eyes, I felt like there are small things crawling on my skin.  I tried to ignore it but it felt so itchy.  The itch started on my back so I tried to scratch it.  I suspected that there is a presence of these disgusting bed bugs on my bed.  If only I could find cheap remedies for a bed bugs infestation, I would be able to eliminate them.  It is very frustrating because I only changed my bed cover yesterday and then I have to change it again.  However, I need a good rest so I patiently change it again and proceeded on taking a nap.  This time the itching of my back become worse; then came next my arms, the back of my knees and my neck.  Only then did I realize, this is not a case of bed bug infestation but another bout of allergy attack from eating shrimps.