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Last weekend I got the opportunity to spend bonding moments with my niece Erin.  She is more than two months old now and is starting to show some changes.  Her cheeks have become chubby and unlike the first few days of her arrival from Manila, she would just sleep and would only cry if she is hungry.  She seemed like having her own world.  My mother said it is normal as babies need a lot of sleep on their early days. However last Saturday, when I played with her and talked to her, I can already sensed an interaction.  I love this development.  Yesterday, I was having a good time recording her video while my mother is putting her diaper on.  She did not cry as she lay on the changing table.  Erin was behaving well.  I hope she will be a good girl when she grows up.

She was not christened yet but my sister said she will be baptized on EJ’s birthday on May 23, 2010.  I am thinking of giving each of them a gift.  A friend said that baby furniture is a good gift idea.  I do not know anything about giving gifts to babies except giving them cute little dresses for the girls and toy cars for the boys.  Maybe I would still settle on buying Erin a dress that would make her look like a princess because that is what she is to me.  I like the idea of seeing her in a cute pink dress.  I thinking of shopping online for baby dressers so that my sister could keep her dresses in place and in organized manner.

By reading this, you can say how crazy I am with my nephew and niece.  Well, obviously that is right I love these two precious children in my life.


Yami said...

Sarap ng may bata sa bahay. nakakaalis ng pagod. by the way, I have a tag for you. kung di ka lang busy sis. :)

Have a nice day! :)