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It has been two days since I last checked on my e-mails. As soon as I arrived home, I opened my laptop and get on line and check my e-mails. I have a lot of notifications and requests on my Facebook; like the usual stuff about Mafia Wars and group invitations which I don’t know if I would accept them all and a lot of boring bits and pieces. But not this invitation I received from the National Book Development Book Club Discussion on Shadow of Doubt and another invitation from a former colleague about a product presentation. Now, these last two subjects took my sleepiness away as they belonged to my topics of interest. They got my attention because for the first one, it is a discussion on a book that centers on probing the inner works of the institution where I work and the second one has a topic that highlights the technique on Waterproofing Basement Walls. It is timely as my cousin inquired about this subject the other day. She and her husband are in the process of building their home and they are asking me a lot of stuff about it since my previous job is related to house building and home improvement. I guess I have to accept the second one. The first one I can’t do anything but decline it as it will be held in Manila. It is impossible for me to attend because I am tied up with work at present and besides the air fare is quite expensive and I have a lot of expenses to think of for now. I hope there would still be another discussion of that kind in our place so I could be there without spending a large amount of money.