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I got home early (thanks to brownout) complaining about this terrible headache I am having right now. I already took paracetamol and good thing, the pain is already subsiding. While at the office, my mind was wandering and dreaming about being in the comfort of my bed. However when I got home, I did not lay on my bed and go to sleep; I just sit in front of my laptop and checked my e-mails and do a little blog hopping instead. I forgot about going to sleep already.

But after being online for 30 minutes, I felt that I am becoming drowsy after listening to my Carpenters cd. I wanted to close my eyes so I went to bed and took forty winks. Music has that soothing effect on me. It felt like it was lulling me to sleep. I can now relate to what EJ feels every time he hears his favorite music. 

I am glad that the weather is no longer that hot. It rained a little so the temperature began to cool down too. I did sleep very comfortably. I woke up around 8 pm already and I had my dinner of mangoes. As for my headache, it vanished already and I am having a good time at this instant. Napping helps a lot when I have a headache.  This I learned from Jason.