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I don’t know what is happening here in my place.  With the national election day just a few days away, bombing is the “in” thing these days.  Last night, I went to my friend’s party.  When I went home, we were not allowed to traverse the national highway.  Authorities closed the road going to the cathedral because some demonic individual wants to wreak havoc in there and planted a bomb irresponsibly. There are also reports, though unconfirmed about the impending signing of an agreement (again) between the government and another separatist group.  I remember the last time it happened; it caused war in some areas of Mindanao.  If only government would be transparent with their policies and not to make any under the table agreements with any groups.  They think they just can put the future of Mindanao in the hands of the few who got nothing in mind but their personal interests.

Looking at the situation we are in, it is likely that some groups or individuals are planning to stage a scenario of chaos that would likely lead to “no-el” or no election.  If there would be failure of election, what would you expect to happen?  Well, the same corrupt government who ruled us for over nine years will still be there and make us suffer for an uncertain period of time.

I wish one day lightning would just strike these people dead for what they are doing to the citizenry.  People go hungry while they ate at some fancy restaurants.  This is just my wishful thinking.  I hope nothing would happen to sabotage the election.  I want a new leadership.  I am sick and done with what we have today; scheming and power hungry individuals that think of their own instead of the welfare of the people.  People who think that they are God who can make things happen as to their whims; who think that being in power is a privilege instead of a responsibility.  I am very much frustrated.  I hope this misery we are experiencing would end soon.


labatterie said...

I don’t know what is happening here in my place.