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It is the first day of April. Wait, is it April Fools today? I am not sure. What I am very sure of is that today is Holy Thursday. I woke up around eight o’clock in the morning. I got no particular thing to do today but just to relax. After sipping a cup of coffee, I picked Ej up and then we went outside our home and then walked a short distance to get some sun. This is one of the things I miss about being home. I am grateful for the long holiday I am enjoying; I get the time to make life a little slower. I get the chance to watch and appreciate everything as I pass by. I showed my nephew everything that a provincial life could offer. I showed him the grazing cows on the field. He was so excited seeing them and he was giggling when the cow made a sound. Maybe he was thinking that the cows were talking to him. I let him see the chirping birds up in the trees. He was so happy and saying unintelligible words. I let him chase chickens around too. This is his favorite thing to do. 

This afternoon, he approached our pet goat and touched it on its head. He was not afraid. As my sister was about to take their picture, the goat went away with EJ left confused as to the goat’s behavior. We missed taking their pics. We will try it again tomorrow. I hope the goat will cooperate with us.

It is past my bedtime already got to go now so I guess I have to sleep now. Good night everyone.


A.M.I.N.A said...

Hi Len, looks like ur enjoying ur holidays..Take care.