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I went to South Seas mall after office hours to purchase groceries for the weekend.  While checking on the ice cream section, two teen-age girls approached and asked me about the price of the one that I picked up.  I told them about it.  Then I proceeded to another section of the grocery.  When I was at the cashier’s counter to pay for my groceries, I saw the two girls again.  They are at the other counter but what irked me was that they were staring at me until it reached the point that I was already getting uncomfortable.  I don’t like it when people stare at me.  Aside from the fact that it is annoying, it is also bad manner to stare at people.  It didn’t stop there.  They whispered something to their companion who in turn, stared at me as well.  I wonder if they were taught by their parents about it.  They stared at me with the expressions on their faces like I can’t pay for what I was putting on the counter.  I really want to approach them and tell them about their manner but I decided against it because I was so busy with my business with the cashier.  I concentrated on carrying my grocery bag outside the grocery and went home instead. 

I hope parents would spend time teaching their kids about good manners.  It is not a hard  thing to do when they should be taught at an early age.  Starting with saying please and thank you can be the first step towards developing good manners in dealing with people around them.  It is being taught in schools but being educated also at home makes a lot of difference in a child’s attitude.  As for those girls, I wish I will never meet them again.