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Time flies so fast without me noticing it.  My sister is about to enter her fifth year in college. Right now, she is in Marbel having an on-the-job training at the Department of Public Works and Highways Regional Office 12 as part of her curriculum requirements.  She texted me this afternoon and told me how happy she is that she had survived her first week there without any problems to speak of.  She also asked me if I am going to Davao City tomorrow as she is looking for a textbook on National Building Code that she needs in one of her subjects.  Since I am out of budget, I told her I won’t and that she had to look for it in some bookstores in Marbel that sell textbooks like the one she is asking from me.

To have a student is not an easy thing.  I have to worry about everything like her tuition, allowance and projects.  This time another expense will be added on June as she is going to do her thesis.  It may be hard but everytime I look at my sister, I am getting more inspired as I see in her the determination to pass all her subjects and get a degree in engineering.  After her thesis, the next thing I will worry is preparing for her board examination.  I hope I can have all the funds I need when the time comes.  But I am not worried at all.  I know deep down in my heart that God will provide.  By the time I know it; I already have a civil engineer for a sister.  Who wouldn’t be proud of that?