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Since I created my other blog Scribbling Moments, I decided to have it hosted but I changed my mind when it got Page Rank 3 after 50 days. Prior to this, my friends are suggesting some web hosting providers for me to choose from. I also tried to look up on the net in order to find bits of useful information about these web hosts they are suggesting.

Web hosting is a type of internet service where a blogger or any person who wants to make their site be available for the world to see. The company who provide this kind of service is called a web host. I have read that having your site hosted has lots of advantages than using a free platform. If it is being hosted, you can have more freedom to do whatever you want with your website. You can opt for a platform that could make your site a reflection of your creativity.

I stumbled upon this blog that has interesting posts that tackle on a variety of subjects about web hosting, domain names, search engines, blogging software, web hosting reviews, e-commerce, web security and a lot more related topics. It also provides news about the web hosting industry and the latest style or “fashion” in the world of web development. Do you think only the fashion world got the latest trend? Web development has this too. As days go by, web development also changes. So it should be imperative to all of us who uses the net to be well informed about these changes so as not for us to be left behind.

The blog I have mentioned above is called Web Hosting Fan. It is like a guide to all existing and aspiring bloggers on everything they need to know about web hosting. It also features the top ten web hosting sites available on the net. Not only that, it also features the popular web hosting reviews that would surely make any reader like me well informed before I decide on the web host I would choose.


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