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"Average. You have good information and most websites fall in this ball park."

This is what blogger Self Sagacity has to say about my PageRank.  Just this afternoon while blog hopping, I stumbled upon this interesting post about Page Rank and their meanings that she posted on her blog.  Out of curiosity, I checked it out because like a lot of people out there, I do not know what is PageRank for.  All I know is that it was named after Larry Page, its developer.  How to increase your page rank is still a mystery to me; I want to know the secret behind it but I am too lazy to find out.  So I just rely on what I read from different articles available on the net although sometimes knowing more about it makes it complicated to me. Terms like algorithm, stochastic matrix, and arbitrary vector are just some words that I encounter every time I read about PageRank. These are the words that I chose not to explore because of their mathematical background.  They are very much out of my league (FYI: I am allergic to Math ever since the day I learn about numbers).  However there is another kind of Math that I love.

M- Merienda (Snack)

A – Agahan (Breakfast)

T – Tanghalian (Lunch)

H - Hapunan (Dinner)

Thanks to the Facebook user who shared this on my wall.  I never had an idea that Math has another meaning until I read it yesterday.

Well anyway, if you are interested to know what the PR number of your site stands for, check out Self Sagacity’s post about it. 


Self Sagacity said...

Hi Len, thanks for linking to my article. To answer your question honestly, the equation certainly doesn't work out for some sites. The -now three- secrets that most of us agreed on is the combo of: 1) traffic, 2) quality of content 3) number of quality links - for example linking your site to a PR rank of 3 which is my site will increase your chances of being rated higher quicker, of course you will need many more than just one quality link. Hope this helps, there are other ingredients which we have clues about - but they do not always match-up to the sites.