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It rained hard since this afternoon.  My plan of having dinner with some friends did not materialized.  With nothing else left to do, I browsed some blogs that my cousin suggested to me.  I read again one particular blog that is very interesting and very much informative.  It never fails to amaze me everytime I read it.  It is owned by a popular blogger Ark Hilario.  Actually this is in this blog where I learned about the free pdf download of the Guerilla Blogger.  It is about strategies and tactics on how to make cash online. 

By the way, I am going to Davao City tomorrow to spend time with my cousin.  The last time I was there was in November of 2009.  We are going to watch some good movies as our bonding time.  I have to be early tomorrow but I am still awake until now because I am chatting with my classmate in high school who is in Hong Kong right now.  We are doing a little of catching up about our lives.  It has been I think six years that we did not see each other.  I am very thankful with technology.  It enabled me to establish communication with people that I have not seen for a long time and also helped me made new acquaintances.

I am a little sleepy now.  I think I have to go to sleep.  Good night guys. 
I know it's getting late but I am unable to sleep.  To let the time pass, I decided to play Tower Bloxx on Facebook.  This is a fun game that Jason introduced to me 2 days ago.  I can't stop playing from then on.  The frequency of playing Plants vs. Zombies has reduced drastically because of this new game.  I like this game as it is so much fun and exciting as I try to build blocks and trying to surpass blocks built by Jason.  So far my high score is only 87 blocks.  I am still miles way behind Jason.  I don't know if I could reach as high as 162 blocks hehehehe...To succeed in this game all you need is timing, good reflexes and patience.  Try it so that like me you will be hooked to it.

Btw, I just invited one of my Facebook friends.  I hope Louise will like it the way I do.
This afternoon, we had our first hearing for this month.  The election frenzy for the past weeks prevented us to conduct our court hearing as everyone is busy plus the  bomb threats although unconfirmed still made everybody ill-at-ease.  The hearing did not last for an hour as some of the parties were not around even lawyers.  Maybe they are busy with their election cases.

After the hearing, we got a chance to have a chit chat with our boss.  Our topics ranged from politics to showbiz.  I missed her talking about anything.  When we were still in our old venue, she used to talk to us like this.  I am so lucky to have a boss like her.  She is really like a mother to all her employees. If only the entire breed of boss in the world is like her, all employees would be lucky as me.  However this is not possible, people are different from each other.

It has been a while since my last post.  I got entangled with a lot of things lately.  But I don’t want to be an irresponsible blogger so despite the fact that I am dead tired I still try to put a little enthusiasm and made my post here. 

I miss talking to my blogger friends.  I was not able to blog hop lately but I hope you understand me guys.  Keep posted about my adventure at my other blog
While scanning my archived messages, I read this forwarded message again and decided to share it here. This message remind me again not to complain about anything. Scanning the pictures made me feel how lucky I am with what I have at the moment.

Pretty powerful message..... 

Since I became eligible to cast my vote, I never missed any election.  Today thought that I would miss to become a part of the historical automation of election.  Despite all the glitch, I am proud to say that I was able to cast my vote.  This election is the worst I ever experienced since I turned eighteen.

I went to my precinct as early as seven o’clock in the morning to avoid the flock of voters.  However, when I arrived at the polling precinct, I was surprised to see the multitude of voters, standing outside the polling precincts sweating, irritated and cussing.  Everyone is complaining about the sluggish procedure.  When I try to check how the procedure is being done, I was disappointed to see only three voters are there on one setting and filling their ballots took them almost ten minutes.  This is not what I am expecting to see with this first ever automated election in the history of the Philippines.  The old system which is being done manually is a lot better.   After an hour of waiting, I got impatient so I went home.   

I was ranting on my Facebook wall about my disappointment.  I envy my friend Zailani who has an opposite experience.  She said the election in their place just went on smoothly.  After my irritating experience this morning, I was undaunted.  Again, at around four o’clock in the afternoon, I went back again to cast my vote.  This time, the precincts are no longer crowded; however I still have to wait for my turn because there are still a lot of people who were in the waiting list.  After three hours of waiting, I was able to vote successfully with no problem as to the PCOS machine.

I went home happily despite the rain.  I am happy and contented to have participated in this first ever automated election.  I am proud to say that I became a part of making history.

Sleepless, I watched the ABS-CBN program “Diyes sa Mayo Diyes” while making a list of the candidates that I am going to vote. I am planning to go my assigned precinct as early as possible to avoid the crowd who normally go at around 9 to 10 in the morning. I already prepared my list of candidates

Election is something that I am giving much important. I always participate in the election from the first time that I became eligible to vote. Never have I skipped an election since my Sangguniang Kabataan days. I do it being a responsible citizen of my country and suffrage being one of my constitutional rights. This is my way of showing that I care for my country. Choosing a leader is something that everyone of us is suppose to participate. 

Tomorrow morning, let us go out and vote, it is not everyday that we get the right to exercise our right to suffrage. The future of our country depends on how we choose a leader. So be wise in choosing. Do not be blinded by their fanciful ads that are full of their tempting yet superficial promises. Tomorrow is the time of reckoning. As what they always say, vote wisely as our next six years is at stake here.

Once again, be a responsible Filipino. Go out and vote the ones whom you think would help change our country.

Thanks God I’m home!  I am having a lazy Sunday and sipping a cup of coffee prepared by my sister; so thoughtful of her.  I am happy that I get to spend time with my parents, my sisters Eleonor and Erika and the angel in our home, my little niece Erin.  Today is Mother’s Day, did you greet your mom today?

Before I went to sleep last night, the last thing I was thinking about is doing a little favor for my mother like cooking our breakfast but sadly I woke up late.  When I go to the kitchen breakfast is already set at the table.  The only thing I do is to sit down and eat heartily as we have tinolang manok, my favorite dish.  As always, it was my beloved mother who prepared breakfast.  To help her, my sisters and I volunteered to babysit for Erin.  It is a lot easier than cooking because we just have to sit, play nursery songs and check on her and feed her.  We can still do a lot of things even if we are babysitting because she would just sleep.  Just like now, Erika is reading her Harry Potter book, Eleonor is reading the newspaper I bought yesterday, while me on the other hand is also busy checking my e-mails and submitting my blog’s url to seo directories in the hope of gaining more hits.  I read that it could help boost a site’s page rank.

I love this particular morning in my life.  When I go out of our house, the sky greeted me with a cloudless sky.  I always have this feeling of contentment whenever I witness this serene scene.  This is something I consider a wonder of nature. 

This tag was shared to me by my good friend Yam.  I would like to pass this tag to the following wonderful bloggers Ate An, Ate Amina, Jona, Marey Ann and Sam.

Here are the RULES:

1. Look through your photo archives for the chosen blog and pull out the tenth photo you posted.

2.Tell us a little about it.

3.Tag five more players.

4.Let the fun begin!

This Ushi's picture when she was a month old.  My best friend gave her the name Ushi because with her white spots, she look like a cow.  Ushi in Japanese means "cow".  There goes the little story about her name.

Ushi striking a pose with Mama Daisy.  She is almost seven months in this picture and just had their bath.

Photos were taken from my entry Is this Ushi?
This afternoon, my sister and I went to Notre Dame University to have my transcript of records evaluated. This is to determine if I qualify to be admitted as a law student. Today marks my journey towards achieving one of my major goals in life. I am glad that I have already put everything to a start. I have been thinking about it since last year and by now have taken my first step. I hope everything will be fine. I am glad that I passed the first level. The next thing I will be worrying about is my entrance examination which will be on May 8, 2010 at 7:30 in the morning. I hope and pray that I would pass the said examination. I know the path I am going to take is not rosy from now on. There is no turning back anymore. I really have to do my best no matter what. After all this is not only for me but for my family as well. This has been my long time dream. And now that I am being given the chance to make it come true, I will not waste it.

I was smiling when I came out of the guidance office. My sister was even teasing me that before the year ends, I would find myself in need of an eyewear since I have to read piles of books when classes start this June. I guess I have to get ready for it. Wish me luck my dear friend for this new endeavor I am going to undertake.

I am not really a fan of reality tv show Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) but because of my sister Erika, I am watching this show now. Erika was born a few days before I turned 16. I never thought that my mom would give birth again for the seventh time heheehe. I really thought that Eleonor would be the youngest child in our brood so that is why we called her baby. But unexpectedly, Erika came into our lives and made it more colorful than ever.

I describe my relationship with her as not really a close one but still we are sisters and we both acknowledge that fact. As an older sis, I imposed discipline upon her. I am very stiff when it comes to rules. This is not because I want to make her life miserable but only for her to become a good person when she grows up. As I see the results today, I am not disappointed at all. Erika grows up to be a well-behaved teen-ager. Yes, she is a teen-ager now. Time flies so fast and just like a butterfly, my baby sister has undergone metamorphosis. Some of her likes have change. Aside from books she has shown interest with things that kids her age also like.

Lately I realized that I want to bridge the gap between our ages. Since her latest craze is the PBB, I am also watching it to be updated so that when we talk, I could also know what to say to her. I want to be closer to her now. I want us to be friends and not just sisters. I want her to feel that I am also interested in things that she likes. I talk to her now like she is a matured person. But sometimes, I can’t help myself I still call her my baby. I look very funny when I do it coz Erika is a lot bigger and taller than me. She can even carry me. She could just put her arms on my shoulder that easy while me on the other hand is having difficulty doing it to her. I rarely went home, but everytime I am there, I see to it that we could talk and spend time together. I hope it is not too late to bridge the gap that separates us from each other. I want her to feel that I do not only exist to discipline her but also that I can be a friend to her too.

This song is a reminder of my childhood. I love it as well as my sister Elanie. The mere word “mangga” is already enough to trigger the flowing of my summer memories. As a kid, I love to climb trees like guava and mango when my parents are not looking. We used to have a native mango tree at the center of my grandparent’s ranch. At first, I would try to pick the fruits with the use of a very long stick but when I already get tired of doing so, I would connived with my playmates not to tell my parents about it and there I go, climbing the mango tree like a monkey. Until now, I still vividly remember the exhilarating feeling of being on the top of the tree. In a child’s world, when you can do a feat as small as like being able to climb a tree is already a big accomplishment. 

Now, the ranch was gone, so is the tree and with it, part of my summer memoirs. The funniest thing I remember with that ranch was that my sister and I were mischievously chasing the cows and daring to wear red clothes. One day, while we were chasing the cows and they were running away from us, we were having a good time thinking that we scared them away despite our size only to find out that the fiercest bull my grandparents had was approaching and charging us with fury. We scampered away like little rats. It is the wonder of adrenaline rush that saved me. I was able to climb a cacao tree which I can’t normally climb.

I am just sad my little sister Erika and my nephew and niece would no longer experience that kind of childhood. With my grandparents gone, so are the ranch, the mango, guava and cacao trees were gone. Only the coconut trees remained as a reminder of what used to be.